What are the services provided with event production?

It’s your brand, your event and your reputation. When you are on the line to produce and deliver a successful event, event production services can help you create an event that meets all your goals and objectives by creating engaging events that impress your audience, meet your stakeholder’s expectations and keep your budget in check. 


DIY AV equipment hire can help you produce a quality in-person or online event if done with some direction from an experienced audio visual equipment supplier, however, having event production services as part of your event planning can make the difference between a quality event and a memorable event. 


Event production is a key component to delivering outstanding virtual events, in-person events or hybrid events seamlessly in an engaging way that keeps your audience’s attention right where you need it for measurable results. 


What is event production? 


Event production is the process of planning, coordinating and executing all the elements that make for successful event delivery.  Used for events of any size, in-person, live webcast or virtual event production services provide the experience, vision and knowledge it takes to understand your key objectives and deliver a memorable event. 


Delivering an event successfully takes the kind of understanding that everyday online ‘hire and buy’ type AV companies can lack. Experienced event production teams include creative, trained technicians that get to know your target audience and your key objectives for the event to configure a creative solution for your event that will help you reach your goals by holding your audience’s attention to get remembered. Your experienced audio visual hire team will bring ideas to the table that can add impact to your event, providing value-for-money concepts that will take your event to the next level. 


Whether it is in-person event production or live webcasting event production, creativity and unique ideas for your AV hire solutions are what will leave your attendees with a memorable experience.  


With in-depth knowledge of projector hire, speaker hire and LED wall hire event production can use creativity and experience to use all equipment to its fullest capabilities to present an event that caters for the needs of your audience as well as your unique goals as the event planner. 


Services provided will save your sanity, and maybe even your reputation.


Event production services include innovative ideas and planning, AV event equipment hire and technical assistance throughout your event to ensure successful delivery with measurable results. PA hire, projector hire and all audio visual equipment hire are included with production services with reputable AV companies providing an inclusive quote for all equipment and the services that are required for each, making budgeting a breeze.  


Knowing your equipment is of the highest quality, with the most experienced team of technicians supporting you throughout your event means you can focus on the key components and objectives for your event with the confidence that AV will not only meet its purpose; it will exceed your expectations. 


Event production takes care of your PA Hire, LED wall hire, live webcasting platform, projector hire, speaker hire and all audio visual equipment hire for great sound and visuals throughout your event. An experienced event production specialist will be able to provide digital innovations that could take your event from ordinary to extraordinary, adding the kind of value to your event that gets noticed. 


How do you know what AV equipment is required? 

Your event production service provider will take care of your equipment hire needs as well as the tech team to make it all pop during your event.  Equipment can vary for each event, and to suit your individual needs.  Your AV hire equipment specialist and production service provider will get to know what your goals and key objectives are for each event, they will also get a true understanding of the space you will be holding your event or delivering your live webcast from and provide well thought out plans and inclusive quotes for all equipment to meet your requirements and impress your audience. 


Your equipment list may include AV equipment as well as staging hire, vision systems and event lighting so having one team that caters for everything is not just a sanity saver, it can also be a budget saver. 


Why use Nextgen for event production? 


Working with the one experienced team means you receive an all-inclusive quote and the confidence of knowing you have a knowledgeable team with a reputation for quality event production services in Melbourne and beyond behind you all the way.  One contractor to plan, deliver and execute your event production needs means fully coordinated delivery and set-up that saves time, money and the risk of confusion or cost double-ups that can occur with multiple providers. 


Having our own premium equipment paired with a team of creatives on board, the Nextgen team is passionate about delivering successful events that include value-for-money creative elements to your events, both online and in-person. With years of experience and our own premium equipment, you can rest assured knowing we have catered for any possible situation that may arise; so you don’t have to. 


Chat to our team today about an all-inclusive AV equipment hire and event production services for your next event to experience the Nextgen difference for yourself. 

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