Customising webcasts to improve employee engagement – here’s how

As we use webcasting services as an online event management tool for marketing and to create revenue from event management, webcasting to improve employee engagement is sometimes overlooked as a valuable addition to workplaces. However, customising webcasts to improve employee engagement is an effective way to enhance education, build a team environment and engage with employees – here’s how.


Using live webcasting within the workplace can help teams communicate and interact successfully for:


  •     Yearly or monthly reporting;
  •     Team meetings;
  •     Virtual team-building exercises;
  •     Workplace education;
  •     Networking events;
  •     Conferencing and more.


Webcast streaming services allow employees to connect to view the content (or a recorded session) and participate live. To improve employee engagement, live webcasting is one of the most recognised ways of reaching out to team members that are in remote locations, working from home or even participating from overseas.  Being able to participate as the online virtual event is held, in real-time is an engaging way to work together and build relationships within the business.


The ability to fully brand and customise your live webcasting event helps bring the focus back to your event in an online world that sometimes includes a lot of distractions.  Webcast providers can include:


  •     Unique animations;
  •     Branded platforms;
  •     Interactive elements and
  •     Customised features;


When online virtual event management providers include these strategies within your online event – attendees appear to keep their focus longer during an online event, boosting engagement overall.


Measurable results.


Using a reputable webcast service provider will enable you to view, measure and analyse the engagement rates of your online webcast event. See the level of attendance across your event, gauge engagement during your event and have instant access to reporting and analytics to present to key stakeholders almost instantly following your event.


An online event can be measured with conversion rates, average time spent within the live webcast platform, engagement rates and the number of visits.  This information can be invaluable when planning follow-up events or further information aligned with your event.


Employee engagement is key.


Using webcasting to engage with employees is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to interact with those working remotely from home, or even from a location that makes it difficult to attend in-person events. So how do you make an online virtual event appealing to employees?


During the pandemic when working from home was essential and morale was low we put together an article on using online virtual events for team building. To boost engagement with employees for your webcasting event, adding a few of our ideas could help add a unique twist and really get your team excited about connecting with you.


  •     Include the ability to chat and network during the event in a fun, but productive way;
  •     Consider sending something unique to each attendee prior to the event, such as snacks, a special treat or something fun to enjoy while they take part in your event;
  •     Create a safe space during your event for everyone to relax, chat and ask questions;


Consciously making an effort to include breakout times during your online event for a little fun and contribution will help ensure everyone remains engaged and alert during the event. Keeping your event well-timed, and not too long (or with scheduled breaks) can also help keep the focus during your meeting.


A great itinerary that is shared throughout the event can be the key to giving your attendees a great idea of what is coming up during your webcast event and encourage engagement.


Webcasting brings benefits to businesses that in-person events can not.


While it is true the pandemic brought about the need for a new way to communicate, live webcast companies like us were already spruiking the benefits of connecting in ways other than in-person events for conferences, lectures, product launches and team-building events. As the benefits of webcasting services become more widely known, businesses are welcoming them as part of their everyday work life and employees are embracing it.


The advantages of live webcast events include:


  •     Higher attendance rates as team members can join from anywhere in the world;
  •     Measurable engagement rates;
  •     The potential to cut costs compared to in-person events;
  •     Convenience for all with zero travel time necessary;
  •     The ability to catch up with recorded sessions;
  •     Fully branded live webcasting platform;
  •     Easy set up by webcast company;
  •     Glitch-free technology with a proven online platform;


Working with a reputable webcasting provider like Nextgen can bring your business the opportunity to connect in new and engaging ways with both employees and your wider audience. Having over 15 years of experience in AV equipment hire, event management and online webcasting services, our team is trusted by many for their conferencing and event needs.


Our ability to bring value-adding, cost-effective solutions to each event and the creativity and technical knowledge to create events that wow.  We have what it takes to deliver a successful event; every time.


Contact us today to obtain an all-inclusive quote for your next event.

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