Follow our easy guide to making sure your event’s AV is outstanding

Who are we to guide you with advice on successful audio visual hire? 

Going straight to the experts for advice when planning an event is a great way to get off on the right foot toward running a successful event. As trusted event production specialists, we have proven experience in AV equipment hire, live webcasting and a team of creative individuals to help make sure your event AV is outstanding. You have come to the right page to receive professional guidance on what to do, and what not to do! 

While many AV companies are well-versed in just hiring equipment, the Nextgen team has been planning audio visual for Melbourne events for many years. We are adept at hiring equipment; we are a team of fully trained individuals who also provide the service that goes along with audio visual hire. Our knowledge has been gained by doing things ourselves and advising event planning teams for years. 

Whether you are looking for a full-service provider or quality hire equipment to run the AV for an event yourself, follow our easy guide to ensure you get your audio visual equipment right from the start. We don’t mind sharing our expertise as we know that getting it right the first time is essential to please stakeholders and attendees at any event. 


What you need to consider when arranging audio visual hire for your event.

Audio visual hire is all about communicating clearly with your audience, it is imperative to consider your audience and their comfort for in-person, hybrid events or virtual events.  Getting the technical aspect right from the start as an event planner will help your event run smoothly and glitch-free, but without considering the audience’s comfort, you may be in trouble from the start. Here is a quick list of considerations to help you get your audio visual hire sourced efficiently, correctly and working for you, not against you! 


  • Where are you holding your event – will it be indoor or outdoor?
  • What size is your venue, length, width and height of your room and where will your attendees and presenters be placed? 
  • Type of flooring and furniture placed in the room (yes, this can impact sound!) 
  • How many presenters will be required to speak at once? Is it a conference setting? 
  • Will your presenters and talent be placed at a podium while talking or performing or do you need wireless microphones to allow movement? 
  • Type of presentation materials being shared at the event, how will your attendees view this material? 
  • Number of attendees expected?
  • What type of event is being held (In-person, hybrid or virtual)? 

The above considerations will help determine what equipment and exactly how much gear you may need in terms of PA hire and LED wall hire to ensure the comfort of your guests, delivering a successful event every time. 

With expert advice you can ensure your AV equipment and PA systems will have your audience hearing and seeing all you are communicating comfortably from anywhere in the room. Get it wrong and your attendees may have trouble hearing, or the volume may be unbearable in other areas. 

By working closely with a professional team when organising your AV equipment hire and considering the points listed above, your audio visual hire should be spot on for your event, even if you are doing it yourself. 


Consider your event type and refer to our quick reference checklist to ensure you have everything on hand for outstanding AV at your next event.

Of course, some equipment may vary depending on your event type, in-person, hybrid or virtual, but essentially here is a list of AV equipment you may need to consider for your next event. 


Audio Equipment


Vision Systems 


Other considerations


Extra tips for making your events AV impressive. 

Event audio visual can be pretty overwhelming, depending on the size of your event. By using one knowledgeable team with trusted experience, the process can not only be simplified it can also help ensure all your equipment will work cohesively during your event and make bump in and bump out run smoothly. Working with a company that can supply most event equipment, including staging, rigging and lighting as well as your AV equipment and is there for extra support, you will almost certainly save time, money and the headaches!

Your AV supplier should ask you questions like the ones listed above regardless of whether you are DIYing or using them as a service provider. Your AV team should be checking your lighting, staging and other requirements and offering value-adding advice and tips along the way. With careful planning, these questions should help you create an event that impresses as much as possible; within your allocated budget. 


Time to plan the AV for your next event? 

We are a Melbourne based audio visual equipment and virtual event service provider. Working on many local events and nationwide over the years has given us the knowledge and experience to help our clients succeed with professionally presented events by providing the equipment and support for those doing it themselves and full-service audio visual services for in-person and virtual events. An end-to-end solution to your event production needs.

When it comes to event planning, it pays to have a trusted team behind you all the way. Connect with us now for more information or a detailed, all-inclusive quote.

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