Why AV hire plays an important role in the success and growth of business events

Business events build brand recognition (and revenue)

So getting it right is essential to guarantee that the brand recognition you worked so hard to create – is positive! 

Business events can include anything from a luncheon to a conference, concert or networking event.  There are so many creative ways that business events are popping up in each industry and it’s great to see.  Done well they can instantly grow a business by helping to gain new clients or customers and that recognition that counts; the kind that gets a business remembered. 

How does NEXTGEN come into play when we are talking about business events? AV hire.

Business events generally have some components of static displays, a show that creates motion and a component of speaking or performing. All elements you need to get noticed, draw attention and promote engagement throughout the event.  The way to do that comes down to AV hire and a team that knows what will work for your specific event – and can make it all happen seamlessly. 

When it comes to planning even the smallest events, concentrating your efforts on the elements that are crucial to getting noticed pays off when it comes to brand recognition and creating an event that gets remembered and potentially encourages repeat attendance.  Who wouldn’t want to re-visit that fabulous business event!?!

Your key stakeholders will appreciate the success that comes from a well-planned event. 

Highlighting key points of your business event, such as sponsor placements, guest speakers and even static displays from sponsors and key stakeholders is not only appreciated, it also draws attention from attendees and encourages engagement with those elements of your corporate event.  So how do you highlight elements of your business event with the use of AV hire? 

Mobile trailer stage hire or stage hire depending on an indoor or outdoor event can bring your key speakers or entertainment to an eye-catching level for all attendees, ensuring all within the audience have a clear line of sight to everything happening on stage during the event.  

When key-note speakers or key entertainers are at floor level, while it can save a little on budget, audience comfort and participation are how a successful event is measured, so if your attendees are struggling to see; it’s likely to not create the kind of impression you are aiming for, so think audience participation when considering portable trailer stage hire. 

Considering event rigging and event staging hire within your corporate event outline is essential to ensuring the visual appeal for your event is set to wow your audience.  With well-planned event lighting and staging, even the most potentially boring events (think speaking only conferences) can have an audience’s attention for the entire event.  

Paired with LED Video Walls and vision systems that can enhance your event in ways you have not imagined your corporate event can become a well-planned simple (or extravagant if you wish) event that draws crowds every time because they get remembered.

Engagement comes from great sound and even better visuals!

The success and growth of business events come from gaining the attention of attendees.  Creating an event that draws audiences’ attention to the pieces of information, branding or entertainment you are presenting to them within your business event. 

In a room full of people, great sound and visual elements are essential to draw attention to the key elements you need to highlight within your event. Be it your key-note speakers, special guests or sponsored materials, lighting, visuals and sound can do this. 

Allocating budget and planning to the audio visual elements of any business event is key to creating an event that entertains, informs and promotes engagement with the audience during the event. Engagement is one of the main elements that measure the success of any event, it is top of the list to have your audience paying attention, participating and drawn to what you are presenting. 

NEXTGEN has been working with businesses to create successful events with great AV for over 15 years.  Our creative team have delivered every size of event, large and small over the years and one thing is consistent across each event – attention to detail. No one-size fits all approach is taken with any event. 

Yes, we ask questions! We do that to ensure your AV hire solution has been tailored to your event. Because DIY or one-size fits all approaches never get the kind of success that we strive for. 

Reach out for an all-inclusive quote for your next corporate event and create an event your key stakeholders will appreciate, and your audience will remember.

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