5 unique locations to set up a mobile trailer stage for your next outdoor event

We are all for thinking a little outside the square for any event, so when you are talking about unique locations for events, we are all ears with our mobile trailer stage hire service at the ready. Inspired by events that surprise audiences and ignite their imaginations, we are looking at unique locations to set up a portable trailer stage for your next outdoor event. 

Keep in mind that when we say mobile trailer stage, this baby is on wheels and can go (almost) anywhere.  One side opens for a more intimate stage or opens fully for the whole spectacle. A mobile trailer stage gives you the opportunity to present a wide variety of presentations, entertaining acts or a community event in style, and your audience will have clear sight lines throughout the show. 

So, where can you make the most of an outdoor stage for your next event?

Permits permitting (see what we did there?), your portable trailer stage can virtually be set up anywhere with enough space to manoeuvre the stage into place by easy access paths and enough space to allow your crew to set up event production rigging safely and efficiently around the stage.  Consider the stage placement in relation to the crowd and allocated space for any amenities, crowd seating, etc. If the spot is logistically possible…the show could go on!

1. Think beachside parks

What better way to spend the day than beachside with your audience, enjoying your community event, concert or festival? In great weather, the beach can provide the perfect backdrop for almost any event you can think of (minus something like the winter Olympics of course). The NEXTGEN crew is always well prepared to ensure your lighting, AV, event rigging, and any special effects will keep your audience’s attention over that scenery for the duration

2. Vineyards and wide open country spaces

Those little pop-up stages and cringy PA systems we see at some vineyard events, country races and festivals just do not cut the mustard when it comes to entertaining in rural areas. Outdoor rural events have some of the most stunning locations, and the locals generally get right behind an event; they will very much appreciate an even better event. Sourcing stage hire, event rigging and professional equipment for use in these already unique locations will absolutely give them a show to remember.

3. The local park

Community events are one of the most fulfilling types of events that we participate in regularly; most are located at local council park facilities.  They are a great area for everyone to feel comfortable, catch up with their neighbours and participate in their own backyard. 

Usually used by the region’s council to bring their own community together – with the right permits in hand (yes you will definitely need permits), local parks can be a great place for festivals and events. 

4. Warehouses. 

Ok, we said it. Done well, a large warehouse venue with the right amount of access and space could be a banging spot to hold the right kind of event.  Get the lighting and sound right, paired with special effects to make the most of the space and your audience will be wowed. 

If logistics allow, a mobile trailer stage could be a welcome break to your budget, giving you the opportunity to not only make a BIG impact on your audience but free up funds to use elsewhere or impress your key stakeholders. 

We almost dare you to find a venue fitting for a mobile trailer stage in an industrial-type warehouse because we would be very into delivering that!

5. Private Property

Got the space and plenty of access? Create a show to remember on your own property.  Commercial or residential properties could be the ultimate location!

Our mobile trailer stage can open right up, or be used with one side closed to use a smaller footprint. Weddings, parties, anything, your event is limited only by your imagination (ok and logistics). 


With each NEXTGEN-produced event, you should expect the delivery of a production that is exclusive to your event, paired with your vision and goals for the event. We know your audience will welcome great event staging, incredible sound and eye-catching special events designed with them in mind. A mobile trailer stage allows you as the event planner to make the most of the value-adding solutions that using such equipment can bring. 

Delivery of outstanding outdoor event stage hire systems is one of our specialities – so expect an event that aligns with your vision, and your budget; every time.

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