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There are often challenges when taking a marketing campaign and transposing it onto a stage set with live presenters creating an event marketing experience. Hosting an event to offer your products and services to existing and new clients has benefits as it is a direct and personable way to connect with a target audience in a controlled environment without interruptions.

Executing an event marketing campaign is never a simple task as it has many moving parts such as: venue limitations, audio visual suppliers, catering choices, styling considerations, logistical issues, stakeholder needs, booking talent, entertainers, guest speakers needs and more. You need an experienced and trusted partner like NEXTGEN for your live event communications.

With unique competencies of creativity, insight and experience throughout every project.

NEXTGEN is dedicated to helping businesses with purpose thrive by collaborating and executing the best event solutions over many events to reach specific outcomes. With a strong commitment and solid values, NEXTGEN look forward to exceeding client expectations. Your organisation will benefit from engaging with NEXTGEN who help their clients take their businesses to new heights by providing innovative next-generation technology solutions and services that leverage deep industry expertise and large scales.

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As a live event specialist, NEXTGEN will assist your organisation to identify and develop your core message so that you have a clear underlying message that can be communicated to your customers.

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Part of the process involves ensuring the event will flow like a story from beginning to end. Event storyboarding is a tool to describe the event to serve both the audience experience  needs as well as ticking all the boxes for client satisfaction.

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As your trusted partner, NEXTGEN will develop your brand positioning statement and then implement the brand strategy for your event. By carefully tailoring the event message to your target audience, you will maximise the benefits and outcomes.

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The team at NEXTGEN specialise in methods to cross-promote your event with social media integrations. Along with share buttons, we are skilled at creating short digestible clips that are original and well-thought-out to promote your brand by engaging and delighting your customers.

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Events are always more engaging and fun when a theme is created for it. It is often the best method to engage, create a buzz and delight your audience to take them on a journey for the duration of your event. 

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Every organisation staging an event needs to ask themselves ‘what do I want people at my event to remember about the presentation they witnessed?’ For companies activating a brand or product, NEXTGEN will suggest clever uses of technology, lighting, sound and effects to ensure your core message registers.

Let’s create something amazing.

Take the first step towards delivering your event digitally by letting us know what you want to achieve. Our experienced events team are ready and waiting. Call NEXTGEN on 1300 792 922 to enhance your next event.

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