Technical Event Management

Experience event management with a solid creative technical approach.


Audio Visual elements often require specialised technical management skills to understand on-site production, bump-in-and-out logistics, signage and branding installation, technical and presenter rehearsals, show calling, stage management, audio stings and more.

A key mistake that inexperienced players make is to under-estimate specific local conditions and at times forgetting to include or not being aware of other elements that will delay a successful set-up, such as the venue cluttering up the work-space by not removing the previous night’s dinner furniture, resulting in poor access for elevated work platforms to install overhead elements.







NEXTGEN will manage the staging of your event from start to finish.

The best event outcomes come from a collaborative approach with stakeholders, with NEXTGEN directing and managing all facets of the production process from the outset. With a talented, innovative and devoted team ready for your next event, stakeholder needs and event objectives can be met along with delightful and engaging experience for the audience.


In a neutral and open environment allowing frank discussion of concepts and ideas, it is important to look back before moving forward. At this stage it is best to strive for exciting event opportunities with a creative mindset without budget considerations.


Bring in realistic ideas at this stage, but stay creative outlining the options with shopping list pricing. Many of the ideas and concepts get massaged at this stage with some surprising inclusions after priorities are determined and stakeholders are consulted.


With a professional proposal tabled including examples, images and benefits for evaluation, many decisions and disagreements will open up opportunities for approval up-line and/or sponsorship income arranged if return on investment (ROI) and exceptional engagement is to be guaranteed.


Meticulous attention to detail is the minimum requirement at this stage with a consistent throughput. Along with regular updates, every client is seeking solution options to be presented with every problem and challenge encountered along the event planning stages.


When you arrive onsite, your expectation is an urgent but calm onsite demeanour where everyone works together to execute a successful event. When it comes to the actual show, the audio is to be impactful, with tight lighting transitions and immersive vision.


NEXTGEN strive for excellence not perfection at every event and welcome your feedback to allow for improvements in this process. The goal is to have your event delivered successfully and stress free, ultimately creating a buzz and excitement for your clients, sponsors and stakeholders long after the event finishes.

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Call NEXTGEN now on 1300 792 922 to discuss and discover how to achieve your event outcomes. Your next event production will benefit from the experience and guidance provided by NEXTGEN.

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