Choosing the right PA System for your next outdoor event

Getting the sound wrong is a deal breaker at any event for stakeholders, artists, presenters and of course the audience! It is essential to choose the right PA system for your event, and for outdoor events; well they need a little extra attention to get it right.


Whether you are doing it yourself or looking to outsource (our recommendation of course) here are a few tips to make sure you get the sound right- every time.  


Seek out an experienced audio visual hire company.


When it comes time to arrange the AV equipment hire for your outdoor event, ensuring your PA hire, speaker hire and all your sound and visual equipment are taken care of by the one supplier can already eliminate a few issues that may arise during any event. One experienced team over a DIY option or multiple suppliers can mean an easier transition through the set-up of your event, and the seamless delivery of your event, with great sound! 


Hiring your PA system and other AV equipment from multiple suppliers can create a disconnect between not only equipment but also the crew as they work to deliver your event on time. 


Your experienced AV equipment specialist should be asking you questions about your venue, the audience, and the type of performers or presentations you will be doing for every individual event. This goes for the events you are hiring to DIY yourself as well.  The type of PA system and supporting equipment you hire is crucial to ensuring your audience can hear, experience and engage with your event throughout their experience. Get it wrong and the results can be detrimental to everyone’s experience and revenue. 


We know AV equipment hire can appear to be easy to book and hire online, but we do recommend if you are going to risk DIY AV equipment hire for your event, go with a company that has considered your requirements individually, not a shop and drop hire business. We can almost guarantee if they haven’t asked the right questions to determine your equipment list, it will end in bad sound quality for your audience! 


Take a closer look at the location of your outdoor event.


Of course, weather can take a huge toll on any outdoor event. While we all hope for great weather, it is important to know if your event may move indoors in a bad weather circumstance. Why? Outdoor suitable AV equipment can work differently from that with an indoor purpose.  Your event AV company will need to take into consideration any possible changes to the plan when arranging your AV equipment hire. 


Off-topic but worthy of a mention; lighting works a little differently in an outdoor event space.  Not only is more lighting usually required for nighttime events (obviously) your event lighting may need to be increased or altered to consider the ambient lighting at sunset or the daytime lighting and sun placement. It’s essential to consider stage placement in relation to environmental factors when considering your lighting, the same goes for sound.


Depending on the environment you are in, even mild changes in weather can affect the sound so speaker hire and PA hire should be planned well in advance to take into account the amount of space, placement of your stage and the type of space your audience will be listening from. 


Consider your power supply carefully for an outdoor event.


Losing power during any event is devastating as it causes a complete stop to any activity, so ensuring you start your event on the right foot is essential to delivering a successful event with great sound and lighting.  


Your audio speakers and PA system will more than likely have a higher output to ensure excellent coverage during your event as outdoor events are an uncontrolled environment. Great to help with sound, but they will require more power! 


Back-up generators can also come into play as you choose your audio visual equipment.  We always come prepared for any event and overcompensating is not in our vocabulary; being prepared however is. Our knowledgeable crew will always stick to the safe side to make sure the one essential thing to give you great sound is in plentiful supply, power.  


An experienced outdoor event partner is your best friend. 


As a fully recognised experienced outdoor event production and AV hire company, the NEXTGEN team has the creativity, knowledge and list of keen clients to back us up when we say, we can help you deliver your outdoor event successfully; every time. 


Every year we help many local councils, businesses and festivals entertain in the great outdoors at venues across the state. Some even simultaneously. 


With our experience comes confidence. One all-inclusive quote for each project that has taken into consideration your unique requirements, needs and expectations for your event.  Your stakeholders and your audience experience are important to us. The creativity and experience we can bring to the table mean you benefit from our value-adding solutions that will get your event remembered, for all the right reasons. 


For the latest show craft techniques and production equipment combined with NEXTGEN’s technical, creative and trusted expertise, get in touch with one of our expert technical specialists to find out more information about audio visual hire in Melbourne.

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