Top Tips When Choosing between a Mobile Stage and Conventional Stage

Outdoor events are enjoying a comeback as communities embrace being able to gather again (but remain apprehensive about indoor events in some circumstances), and the value-adding solutions available for outdoor events are warmly embraced by the event industry and local government groups.


When outdoor events are on the table for event managers or local community groups they are often held on government properties, local parks or similar event spaces, highlighting environmental concerns to all parties that need to be considered, and delicately managed.  


Considering mobile trailer stage hire over conventional stage hire and event rigging can be one of the decisions that makes either a positive or negative impact on the environment in which your event is held but choosing a mobile trailer stage almost always has a positive impact on your event budget! 


Both indoor and outdoor events can benefit from the experience and creativity of the Nextgen team.  Our ability to provide you with an end-to-end solution extends to both types of events, and we are all for presenting you with every option available and our advice on what may be the most economical way to deliver an event that impresses your audience.  


A portable trailer stage can have less impact on the environment. 


Of course, when events are held inside it it is often not logistically possible to use portable trailer stage hire for ease of set up. However, most outdoor events and festivals have plenty of room to navigate the logistics required to tow the mobile stage into place without the need for any further machinery, vehicles or tools that can damage the grass or ground on which the mobile trailer will be placed.  This can be a welcome consideration for most council and local environmental groups as only one vehicle is required for setting up. 


Using conventional stage hire and event rigging can mean smaller lift vehicles, forklifts and other tools are required for bump in, further damaging the environment in which the stage is placed.  Of course, the Nextgen team are very considerate and efficient in setting up a mobile stage or conventional stage hire with minimal impact on their surroundings so regardless of your end choice in staging, our team will successfully and seamlessly deliver a stage set up that is unique to your event. 


Consider the overall event budget.


Always ready to provide value-adding solutions for any event production, the Nextgen team will happily suggest a mobile trailer stage if it’s logistically possible and a good option for your festival or outdoor event and your budget will appreciate it! 


Using less manpower and machinery or tools to set up, a portable stage is a more economical choice when it comes to stage hire and event rigging. Set-up time is cut drastically when moving from traditional staging to a portable trailer stage and those time-saving possibilities mean less investment in set up crew, allowing you to consider using that allocated budget for special effects or innovative techniques to create an event that will fully immerse your audience in their surroundings and keep them fully engaged with your event throughout. 


From an audience perspective, the staging type largely remains unnoticed, but the sheer difference in budget can help you create an event that will be remembered for all the right reasons. 


Bump out times.


When the high after attending and managing your phenomenal event has passed there is still the bump out to go. And while the Nexgen crew live our best lives bumping in and out of events each week, we know it can be a bit of a let down for event managers as they work through the pack-up stage; however, just as mobile trailer stages can reduce set up times, they also reduce that bump out slump. 


Reduced pack-up times, less investment in bump-out crew and less potential damage to the environment means a seamless clean-up for all.  Saving time, budget and sometimes a little sanity. 


For an outdoor event, mobile trailer stage hire can make a big difference to efficiency and monetary investment. It is a wise decision to consider using one when planning your event. 


Our quick list of benefits of portable trailer stage hire:

  • More efficient bump in and bump out times;
  • Potential savings in labour hire overall;
  • The ability to create an outstanding event with one experienced team;
  • Less chance of incidental impact on the surrounding environment;
  • Allows full flexibility for all your AV equipment needs;
  • One all-inclusive quote for event stage event hire;  


Indoor events and stage hire. 


The opportunity to create a unique indoor event is always one we embrace with our creative hats on. When it comes to staging hire and rigging, although there is also nothing we can do indoors that we can’t do outside (within reason), using a portable trailer stage indoors, while it sounds like a more economical solution, is more often than not a logistical impossibility. 


An indoor stage requirement often needs more conventional staging for a few reasons, one of which is the logistics. Space and manoeuvrability are a must to bump in staging and rigging safely. Conventional staging allows the Nextgen crew to install a stage that is as unique to your event as you need it to be. Piece by piece, you will be blown away by the efficiency of the team as we do what we do best. With one capable team of creatives staging and rigging by your end-to-end event management partner allows you to enjoy a one-off all-inclusive event production solution. 


Our quick list of benefits of conventional stage hire and event rigging:

  • Can be customised to suit your available space;
  • Can be installed in smaller spaces;
  • Installation by our experienced team is seamless;
  • Allows full flexibility for all your AV equipment needs;
  • The ability to create an outstanding event with one experienced team;
  • One all-inclusive quote for event stage event hire;  


Our tips for choosing mobile trailer stage hire over conventional staging:


  • Consider your event venue/space and the ease of access;
  • Visit the Nextgen website to find out more;
  • Contact us and let us help you choose the most efficient and effective solution for your event. 

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