Why hiring Audio Visual Hire professionals for a successful Exhibition is a must

Ever been to an exhibition or event that is missing the mark when it comes to retaining your attention? That is why audio-visual hire professionals are essential to creating a successful exhibition. 


A person’s senses are a key consideration when planning for an exhibition that hits the mark when it comes to audience participation and retaining audience attention.  Everything comes into play when you have the opportunity to welcome people to an in-person event of any kind.  Get it right and the response can be overwhelmingly successful. Get it wrong and it can be a complete disaster in terms of hitting your key objectives for the event. 


Sight and sound are an important part of creating a fully immersive experience for your audience when they attend your exhibition or event.  Great lighting and sound can attract your audience’s attention at key points during the exhibition or highlight areas you want your audience to notice.  AV equipment hire decisions can impact the results of your audience perception in ways you may not have considered; but should. 


Considerations for event audio visual hire. 

Every exhibition space is different. The area will vary, the size will vary, and how your chosen venue sounds and looks at alternate times in the day will change from venue to venue, so AV equipment hire is never a one size fits all problem to solve. Every event planner should have a list of crucial components that are considered for every event independently of another. 


Key considerations when arranging audio visual equipment hire should include: 

  • Sound quality; 
  • Lighting control; 
  • Special effects; 
  • Budget;
  • Value for money;


Obtaining advice from professional AV companies for each event can help ensure your event is presented at its best every time. Your trusted AV hire company should ask you questions that address your needs as a Melbourne event planner and highlight what will best create an event for your target audience to remember.  They should be considering the following just as a start when looking to develop successful exhibitions and events:


  • Your target audience;
  • Event type; 
  • Seating or audience location; 
  • Key features or presentations to highlight; 


When getting your audio visual hire wrong can have such an impact on the determined success of an exhibition, no event planner can afford to have bad sound quality or average lighting at an event. A great AV hire company can not only ensure your sound and lighting packs a punch, they should also be offering value-adding AV solutions that can increase audience appreciation for your event, and do so without breaking your budget.  


A valued exhibition partner. 


Many exhibition and event venues will have a set of audio visual equipment on hand but rarely do they cater for what is required for a successful event. It pays to ask the questions, do your research and find a preferred AV hire partner for your exhibitions and events to ensure you create and deliver an impressive event.   


Having access to a trusted AV professional with proven experience for all types of events will add value to your exhibition by bringing the expertise and creativity to key areas that can make a big impact on how your audience perceives your event, and in turn how your stakeholders measure the results of that event. 


Getting the AV right takes experience and knowledge that can only come from delivering successful events. Be wary of AV hire companies with little experience that don’t ask questions related to your space, your audience and event type but give you a list of pricey equipment with little information about what it is for – or worse still direct you to ordering online with no assistance! 


An audio visual hire professional will ask you a series of questions that will quickly lead them to the right AV equipment and solutions you need to create an event that impresses your target audience and key stakeholders.  You should receive advice on what can add value to your event, including PA hire, LED wall hire, projector hire and speaker hire, and depending on your event type stage systems and lighting.  Well planned audio visual equipment paired with production services can help you create special effects, smooth transitions and a seamless event, it can also save you the headache of having to stress about technical issues during your event.  The value an experienced partner can bring may even mean you deliver a far more impressive event more economically. 


The Nextgen difference. 

With many successfully delivered events under our belts, our inclusive AV equipment hire services have us well placed as the preferred partners for many venues, event planners and exhibition centres across Melbourne and beyond. 


Our team consists of industry-trained creatives that enjoy thinking outside the box to create, plan and deliver successful exhibitions and events that impress. Our combined experience and technical abilities allow us to ask the right questions to pair the correct services and AV equipment for each event type while adding value to the exhibition or event itself with creative solutions that get results. 


Hiring an experienced AV professional can make the difference between a good event and a successful event that gets remembered.  Ask us for a detailed all-inclusive quote for your next exhibition or event and compare the difference.

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