How to host a virtual event that won’t have your attendees snoring

All virtual event streaming platforms are not created equally. 

We have all been invited to an online webinar or conference that mentions the dreaded word that will forever be associated with lockdowns and the year that was 2021, Zoom. And we have all let out an audible ‘sigh’ as we ready ourselves to log in.

While there are absolutely many reasons to head down the track of holding your virtual event on Zoom (that is why it is such a successful platform), there are many reasons to look further into other very well-suited online event streaming platforms to find that one that suits your budget, and will avoid having your attendees snore through the event! 

Let’s take a closer look at why moving to a purpose-built webinar platform could improve the yawn factor within your events. 

Budget-friendly Zoom (and similar) platforms can be easy to use for many event planners due to familiarity with and around the functionality of the platform. After a few years of lockdowns; it feels like home to us all, we get it.  But how is it working for you in terms of engagement, interactivity and measurable results for your events? We guess it’s probably so, so. 

Yes, you can connect with many people, you can use it to get your message out to many within the one event and hold meetings effectively, as long as there is not too much interaction required. However get your event production team using a purpose-built virtual event streaming service for your ongoing virtual event needs and we guarantee less snoring by attendees, more excitement surrounding your events, more engagement and measurable results! 

Making the switch to Attendee Online virtual event streaming services by NEXTGEN will undoubtedly see your event enjoy improvements in:

  • Attendee interaction and communication within your online event, they will actually enjoy it! 

With purpose-built break-out rooms for networking, chat functions for Q&A’s and the opportunity to connect with multi-rooms or events attendees will almost feel as if they are participating at an in-person event (without the dreaded travel budgets)!

  • Networking opportunities

Break-out rooms and the chance to meet like-minded attendees are all part of our virtual event platform.  Meet new people, without that awkward approach that is required in real life – introverts unite! This is for you. 

  • Attendee numbers and growth in the number of registrations

Yes, we firmly believe if you make your event ‘not another Zoom meeting’ attendees will come from all over the world! Attendee Online virtual streaming platform gives you the opportunity to present in real-time with crystal clear HD and audio, plus record and share with attendees that couldn’t make it live. On-demand is a real boost to participant numbers! 

  • Measurable results!

Moving from a snore fest Zoom meeting to a virtual event platform for your online webinars and conferences gives you the opportunity to effectively measure your KPIs, record the results and present a clear and precise report to your key stakeholders almost immediately following the event.

Take advantage of opportunities that just don’t exist in other virtual event spaces.

Being an entirely online virtual event, the opportunity to brand your event space in the most beneficial way for your own business or your important sponsors are endless. Enhance your virtual event ‘venue’ with graphics, branding and special announcements any way you require.  

Done well, attendees can view key messages, take on information or navigate to another space as they see fit – just another way using a virtual event platform like Attendee Online can help create a more welcoming, engaging space for your attendees. 

Sounds too hard? This is not a DIY platform! We’ve got you. 

Our creative team has been delivering successful virtual events for years, even before the dreaded P word (that is Pandemic).  The NEXTGEN team takes the time to get to know your brand to execute and deliver your virtual event with seamless precision.  We know your business is not about navigating the technology to be able to connect with potentially thousands of attendees – ours is. 

We take care of the processes and glitch-free delivery of your virtual event, allowing you to fully focus on what is important to your event. 

How do you know when it’s time to move away from basic online conference platforms (like Zoom)? 

If you are consistently communicating with large numbers of attendees remotely for conferencing, meetings or events, it may be time to step away from what seems like the easiest option, and move to a platform that allows you to present your events in a more professional manner that not only looks great for you but also attracts attendees while encouraging interaction. 

If any of the below answers are a ‘no’ – it’s time to rethink your virtual event platform…

  • Think about how you are measuring the results from your events currently – does your reporting tool (and results) satisfy your key stakeholders?  
  • Are your attendee numbers and registration numbers growing? 
  • Do your attendees interact and engage during your events currently?
  • Are your sponsors getting great (measurable) value from their investments in your events?
  • Are you able to concentrate on your key messaging rather than on how to work the tech for seamless #glitchfree connections? 

We thought so, it’s time to take a peek behind the virtual event curtain and find out more about Attendee Online through your trusted AV equipment hire and event production team NEXTGEN. 

Connect with us now to arrange a chat about how to take your virtual events to the next level.

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