Why you need event creative to make an impression

Two words, retaining attention.

There are many things that great events are measured by but audience engagement and retention are some BIG ones that can be easily missed if the delivery of your events sound and lighting are not quite hitting the mark during your event.

Whether it be a conference, festival, roadshow or any event type the one thing you need to capture is attention.  A sure fired way to do that is to ensure event creative is part of your event.

Not sure what we mean by event creative?

Event creative requires unique AV equipment paired with a creative crew that knows their stuff! You would have been to an event or conference in the past that uses AV equipment hire to do the following:

  • Draws your attention to the area the event planner is trying to highlight
  • Retains your attention throughout the event by using sound, event lighting or special effects
  • Wow’s you with those oohh or ahhhh moments that occur at some events (think light shows!)
  • Gets you to engage with the event by using special effects and AV technology to draw you in
  • Share information in ways that have you retaining that information

Whether you noticed at the time or not, if you think back, there would have been many times you found yourself immersed in an event or taking in information that the event planner has wanted you to notice. We can also almost bet, there would have been some events you would have left feeling ho-hum and not even sure what the point was.  That event that didn’t get your attention, would have been the one with almost zero event creative.

Now that you know what event creative is, the reason you need an experienced AV equipment hire company should be clear.

You need it because, without it, your audience may not be focused on receiving your key messaging or engaging with your entertainment, and that makes for an unsuccessful event.

A creative event production team will be on board with you all the way to use the following creative tools to attract attention, get your audience engaged and create an event that gets measurable results:

  • LED stage lighting for effects & event lighting shows
  • Great sound
  • Special effects suited to your event
  • Fully branded graphics
  • Animations
  • Sponsorship opportunities

Value-adding event creative that is tailored to your brand and event gets noticed.  Your run of the mill one spotlight, plain special effects, and insufficient PA audio equipment which often end up the only things on a DIY AV equipment event list just don’t cut it. It’s not hard to imagine why.

As humans in this day and age we are bombarded with media that contains high-level graphics, well-branded ads, videos, animations, and images that embrace our need to have our attention captured.  Many of us spend hours online each day with high-end ads and organic content capturing our attention with movement, colour, and sounds.  Our need to be drawn in by those things roll over into anything we do to consume information, for the most part, events are no different.

What to know when you are planning your next event

Your event production partner should be getting to know you, and the purpose of your event to gain a clear understanding of the key objectives of your event or conference.  Without this understanding, an AV equipment company may not be in the right position to deliver a seamless and entertaining event that gets the measurable results your stakeholders are expecting.

Sharing information with your AV equipment hire and event production team about what information or components you want to highlight within your production is key to ensuring that value-adding special effects can be planned and executed within your allocated event budget.

From the beginning, the way to get your event creative right is through knowledge and communication. The knowledge provided by you during planning is crucial to getting your event AV delivered seamlessly and successfully.

Why choose NEXTGEN for your event creative and AV equipment hire?

For us it’s simple. The results we have delivered for many well-known brands by providing end-to-end event production services and equipment speak for itself.

Sure we have all the high-tech equipment on hand to provide the AV hire you need, we also have the years of experience and creativity to ensure your event is delivered seamlessly, glitch free, and with the high level of imagination and creativity that will draw your audience’s attention to where you need it and to ensure their level of enjoyment is high.

An enjoyable and entertaining event gets remembered. Your sponsors, your key stakeholders and your business needs that kind of support and we can deliver it; every time.

Contact us today to discuss your AV event equipment and event production needs.



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