How to get LED video wall hire right to improve your corporate audio-visual experience

We could tell you all day how much technical experience and creative tools we have on hand to create great audio-visual experiences, but the fact is, all you really need to know is that our imaginations will take your corporate audio-visual experience to the next level!

The head of our team Guy McGregor has a head for taking technology and engineering to new levels.  If passion for pushing the boundaries were a sport, he would be the gold medalist we assure you.

Corporate events can often be the area that requires LED video walls to drive key messaging home, share sponsorship information and imprint a brand on the attendee’s minds as they revisit, and remember the experience that was delivered to them during your event.

LED video walls to incorporate your key messaging

LED video walls are a great asset to corporate events if done right.  With the ability to enhance presentations with graphics, animations and of course, quality video the right size LED video wall can help with incorporating your key messaging into a visual element that drives it home to your audience, after all, we are all screen lovers and our attention is more likely to be drawn to moving images than static visuals.

How do I get my LED video wall equipment hire right?

Chat with the experts.  To get it right, the way to ensure your projector screen hire is suitable for your corporate event is to go over the details of your event with your NEXTGEN creative team.  Ensuring your LED video wall is the right size, and proportion for the best viewing angle of your attendees requires answering questions in regard to:

  • The size of your venue
  • The expected number of attendees
  • Key messaging for your corporate event
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Keynote speakers or activations
  • Special event presentations &
  • Exciting event inclusions for your corporate event

How do I make my corporate event exceptional using LED video walls?

Thinking outside the box we know is a pretty lame phrase, but when it comes to creating something exceptional using LED video walls the options are unlimited!

Depending on your venue space, of course, using LED wall hire to create a unique and engaging element for your corporate event can be a way to enhance the way your event is remembered by your attendees.  Some of our ideas for exceptional LED video wall use include (but are definitely not limited by):

  • Ceiling-hung LED video screens
  • Curved LED video walls
  • Uniquely shaped interactive LED video wall components
  • Multiple LED video walls
  • Super-sized video walls
  • Engulfing the audience in LED video screens for the ultimate immersive experience

Quality and experience in event production services are a must when using LED video screens for any event.  When representing your brand premium audio-visual equipment and the technical knowledge to deliver it seamlessly are paramount to receiving measurable results from your event.

Without the technical knowledge behind LED display hire, the results could be less than desirable.  Ensuring you get a crew that knows how to plan and deliver exceptional visuals and sound really is the most important step in getting your audio visual equipment hire is not only right, but exceptional.

Contact us to chat with NEXTGEN about your next event today. We would be happy to help you plan how to incorporate LED technology into your event in effective value-adding ways, or if the brief allows…the most memorable ways!


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