PA System Hire Setup: A Guide to Achieving Crystal Clear Sound for Your Audience

Crystal clear sound is imperative for your audience at a corporate event.  Without it, key messaging and important announcements can be missed; even worse, the event will not be entertaining and engaging for your attendees.

Getting the sound right for any event is made easier using our guide to achieve crystal clear sound for your audience.

With the most extensive PA audio equipment library in Melbourne, NEXTGEN is an industry leader and sought-after for AV equipment hire and event production for events, exhibitions, conferences and experiential events.  Our investment in the latest technology, world-class equipment and staff training allows our professional team to deliver clear sound at any event.

To get your sound crystal clear – look to the experts to take care of it.


Consider your event type and audience before signing up for PA system hire

Considering your venue size and type lets your AV hire equipment specialist choose the right PA system for great sound.  Engaging an audience wherever they are within your venue takes excellent sound, so getting it right is crucial to the success of an event.  Melbourne has some unique event venues that require specialist speaker hire to reach an audience with crystal clear sound!

The number of attendees at any event can also help determine the right PA system for your particular needs, as sound can be altered depending on a whole room or a partially full room.  When considering your PA system hire, knowing your numbers may be helpful to ensure your sound will be on point.

When planning PA system set-up, it is imperative to consider the needs for your sound.

Each event may have multiple requirements to deliver outstanding sound and has its own specifications for microphone and speaker hire.  Each presenter, performer, musician, or streaming platform has an alternative need to the next.

Having a full understanding of event PA systems required for each item on your agenda or set list for your event is imperative to a great experience for your attendees.

Crystal clear sound for any event can require equipment such as:


Microphone hire equipment

Industry-standard microphones that provide clear sound for performers and speakers alike are key to use in any live performance for excellent sound reinforcement.  The NEXTGEN team takes pride in our large sound equipment selection, including some of the most technologically advanced microphones available.

Paired with the right microphone, each event can be guaranteed crystal clear sound.  Our experienced team can provide microphones and PA systems for use at a lectern with adjustable heights hands-free headsets for more flexibility and high speech intelligibility.

Melbourne PA system hire with NEXTGEN can include microphone hire equipment for online virtual events, live-streaming podcasts and even musical performances.  When it comes to creating the most natural sound our team can work with you to ensure all is crystal clear for the entirety of your event.


Speaker hire

Our extensive inventory in system hire and speakers enables us to be at the height of our game in Melbourne speaker hire, giving you the edge you need regarding great sound at events.

As one of Melbourne’s most sought-after event production teams, NEXTGEN has speaker hire and PA systems that are suited for indoor and outdoor event types.

With an extensive history of working with local councils and some of the most significant event planning companies in the state, our speaker hire has been proven by providing great sound at outdoor events such as festivals, major events, outdoor cinemas and brand activations.

Our level of experience in speaker hire and event sound is not limited to large and major events, at smaller more intimate events, including online live-streamed events and podcasts the quality of the sound is imperative to hold the audience’s attention.  Getting it wrong can be detrimental.

If you found our guide by searching Google for AV hire tips using questions like the ones below – we have some added, honest advice for you…


How to connect PA speakers

If this is the information you are looking to find – our honest tip for you is to put everything aside and call the experts. Because PA speakers and AV equipment aren’t a one size fits all type of AV equipment. Getting it wrong could be embarrassing and detrimental to your reputation.

Call the NEXTGEN team for the support you need on 1300 637 302


How do I get a good sound at my corporate event conference?

If our guide above is not giving you a clear message to NOT try DIY for event conference AV, we are giving it to you here!

The key to great sound at any corporate event or conference is to have the venue and type of event information on hand, then call a professional team for your AV equipment hire and support – without doing so, you are almost certainly doing yourself a disservice.

Having a team of experienced AV techs supporting you through your event means you can be confident of having great sound and visuals at your event, leaving you to concentrate your efforts where you need them most.

Crystal clear sound for your audience is one of the most important factors at any event.  We hope our guide has helped educate you on the wide range of PA system hire available and given you the insight you need to decide…hiring professionals is almost always the best option for crystal clear sound.

We will get it right – and save your reputation from poor-sounding events. Contact the NEXTGEN team now to discuss your unique requirements.


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