How to create an Amazingly Immersive Experience with the right stage hire for your next event

A stage is a major event feature at any event.  A platform for performers or speakers to stand out amongst the attendees, a good stage solution is also a way for your corporate speakers to engage with the entire audience with the type of connection that gets remembered.

Pleasing your audience’s senses with the right stage hire

Using an exceptional corporate staging solution can help your event’s key messaging get remembered by using your audience’s senses to their greatest capacity. An aesthetically pleasing stage set up with purposely planned lighting can instantly attract and keep your attendees attention by adding that visual element that pleases our sight senses.

Having your hired staging set up to the right height to be in the sightlines of your audience is imperative to ensuring attendee comfort and keeping them engaged throughout your corporate event.  Having the staging at the correct height for your seated or standing audience can help with attendees feeling part of your presentation from the very front of your venue to the rear.

Sound is one of those senses that can really harm the vibe (and the results) of a corporate event if it is not on point.  Getting your corporate event staging right can be a consideration when it comes to achieving crystal-clear sound with your PA system and AV hire. Staging that has the wrong placement of PA system hire and AV event production services and technology can be detrimental to how your audience hears your keynote speakers or performers on the day.

Enhancing your attendee’s experience with the right stage hire

With great sightlines and sound your attendees can feel as though they are part of the experience at your corporate event.  Being able to feel as though you are on the same level as the speakers and able to make eye contact or participate gives the feeling of engagement and community.

Participation and remaining engaged in a corporate event creates memories that are valuable to you as a business at any corporate event as audiences retain information.  Here is our checklist for ensuring amazingly immersive experiences using staging:

  • Get the stage position right for your venue. Middle, side, end of venue -what will work best for your corporate event?
  • Ensure your staging hire is set up for optimal audience engagement. Will your attendees be standing or sitting?
  • Have your AV equipment hire list include ample speaker system hire and microphone hire to suit your staging and event type. Get the positioning and specifications of your speaker system right for great sound!
  • Remember event lighting can ensure your audience’s attention is focused on the right part of your corporate event at any time, drawing your attendees to the areas you want their attention discretely and effectively.


Stage size matters. Don’t be fooled

Hiring a large stage for your corporate event when it may not be needed can detract the focus away from your planned agenda.  A larger stage can be overwhelming and distracting for an audience, and with only a limited attention span for a corporate event, keeping engagement high throughout an event is the key to success.

The same can go for a stage that is too small or the incorrect placement for the venue.

Stage hire safety is of course a high priority for us as well as businesses running any type of event and stage size and safety go hand in hand.  Being staging hire professionals in Melbourne, we are well versed in ensuring the stage size and height adhere to safety standards and exceed those standards for every event we deliver.

The stage size is the first step to ensuring everyone’s safety, obviously, a too-small stage can be detrimental with weight limits being put under pressure and of course safety near the stage edge is a big concern for groups presenting or performing. Take the time to consider what each speaker or performer’s needs and movements are prior to locking in your staging hire – for safety’s sake.


Consider your venue and its surroundings – get the right staging hire for your unique venue

Event planners are embracing outdoor events as much as they are indoor events, recognising the importance of immersing their audience in an inspired environment as they deliver their key messaging for an event.


Outdoor events and mobile trailer stage hire

Taking an event outdoors can give attendees the ability to enjoy some time away from the office or indoor environments and enjoy the great weather we have for many months of the year here for Melbourne events. Using an outdoor mobile trailer stage gives your event the ability to maneuver the stage into the best viewing and sound placement for the event with minimal impact on the environment.

A mobile trailer stage uses little to no large heavy equipment such as forklifts and scissor lifts for installation and so, the impact on the parkland or outdoor space from your staging hire remains minimal throughout the event.  Many local councils use mobile trailer stage hire for festivals, performances, council presentations and events embracing the ability to place the outdoor stage in the best possible position without the need to damage the corporate event site.

Using an outdoor mobile trailer stage can help immerse your attendees in the event by creating a true community feel.  Lighting, sound and special effects can still be outstanding when done right, so considering taking your event outdoors could be the edge you are looking for. There is something special about enjoying an event under the sunshine or stars!


Indoor event stage and rigging hire

Minimising the risk of less-than-desirable weather conditions means a lot of Melbourne event planners enjoy keeping things a little safer and plan many corporate events indoors.  We get it.

Of course, stage hire and event rigging can vary from small to large when it comes to indoor event stage hire. Various shapes and rigging can help what might be an ordinary event, become spectacular!

Consider the use of NEXTGEN digital innovations, LED video walls and event creative paired with great sound and event lighting to enhance your corporate events stage hire to deliver an outstanding event that gets remembered.



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