Mobile Trailer Stage hire for events – Advantages of hiring a portable stage for your outdoor entertainment

Producing an event outdoors can be a great choice when compared to an indoor venue for many event types such as festivals, community events, local council events and of course, concerts. Open and airy, a portable stage set up is a perfect choice for staging at events that are held during warm weather months.

Planning an event that requires stage hire in Melbourne allows you to choose from many beautiful locations that give you the freedom to choose any kind of setting that suits your needs, including beachside, lakeside, surrounded by trees, plants and nature. Depending on your specific needs the advantages of hiring a portable trailer stage for your outdoor entertainment can be endless.

Portable stage hire for events gives your event planning team the flexibility to not only create a mind-blowing event virtually anywhere permitted to hold an outdoor event, it also gives you the ability to budget for an event that may save you in stage hire costs.

The ability to easily set up and dismantle a mobile trailer stage in almost any location that has the space for a trailer to be towed in and out means the cost of large equipment and installation crews are reduced.  A portable trailer stage hire package includes the very minimal equipment and small install crew needed for building a stage set – delivering you an outstanding stage set up without the cost and potential damage caused by installing a traditional stage set up. The all-inclusive pricing can make budgeting for the AV equipment and stage hire fees for an outdoor event more transparent, enabling you to plan with a clear event budget plan.

What are the advantages of holding an event outdoors with a portable trailer stage?

They don’t call it ‘the great outdoors’ for nothing!

Outdoor events in Melbourne (or anywhere really) can bring an edge to an event that just can not be achieved indoors. Our regular attendance at outdoor events delivering event production services using a portable stage set up has taught us that the advantages of holding an outdoor event are sometimes things money just can’t buy.

  • Increased attendance. People love to get outside in great weather to enjoy community events and festivals. Holding an event outdoors may instantly build your attendee list and include a more diverse range in your audience as families look to enjoy some time in the great outdoors
  • Ventilation and fresh air are a big appeal for many, especially since the pandemic. People sometimes feel safer enjoying crowded areas outdoors rather than indoors potentially boosting the audience numbers at an outdoor event
  • A community feel. Being outdoors surrounded by nature, and enjoying an event that all attendees have a keen interest in can immediately build a money-can’t-buy community feel as people embrace the ambience at an event

As an event planner, the ability to plan and deliver an event in a unique location can be a refreshing point of difference that not only allows you to deliver an event that gets remembered, but it may also give you the opportunity to impress stakeholders by making the most impact from your allocated event budget.

Portable trailer stage hire can be a cost-effective way to entertain, educate or communicate with your attendees in a way that is not only unique from an indoor venue, it may also reduce costs. How, you ask? Through reduced costs of venue hire.

Many outdoor areas are less expensive than indoor venues and associated hire fees. Reduced stage set building costs and crew required is one immediate difference when event planning and budgeting for an outdoor event.

Portable trailer stage hire tips to add to your resource list for your next outdoor event.

Our experienced team have been working with many businesses to deliver portable stage set up across Melbourne and Victoria for many years now.  Working with many local councils as well as corporate groups here are a few tips we have from event planners that have delivered fantastic events for communities and crowds many times over.

  • Ensure your portable trailer stage can work logistically in your chosen location.
    • Is there ample access for trailer towing and turning within your chosen area?
  • Choose the right location
    • Consider the size of the event, the number of attendees and the type of event when planning
    • Allow ample space for parking or consider public transport access to the event
    • Ensure restrooms and amenities are easily accessible for the number of attendees and also those with accessibility issues
  • Secure the correct permits. Many local councils and authorities will have the necessary permits and licenses you may need to hold an event at your chosen location
  • Provide ample seating for attendees and those with disabilities
  • Ensure lighting is ample for your events entertainment of course, but don’t forget lighting for the security and safety of your attendees around the event location
  • Hire security to ensure the safety of attendees and avoid any unwanted incidents
  • Plan for inclement weather – have a backup plan.

Warning: The advantages of hiring a portable stage set up for an event that we have mentioned here may not apply if you choose a portable stage hire company without the experience and knowledge that NEXTGEN holds. Our advice to you is to chat with the professionals – us.

With proven experience in AV hire, event production, stage hire for events, event rigging services and outdoor mobile stage hire in Melbourne for many events, including major Melbourne events, our passionate team are here to ensure your outdoor event planning experience is spot on.  We take care of the logistics, planning and delivery of your staging, AV and production backstage where you need us most, so you can focus on the delivery of an outstanding event.

Reach out to arrange an in-depth discussion and all-inclusive quote for a mobile trailer stage in Melbourne for your next outdoor event with the NEXTGEN team.

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