The power of Visuals: Create a superior viewing experience for speakers and presenters with Projection hire

Using the power of images and video to enhance a presentation is a practice that is evolving as fast as technology can carry us. As most people spend hours (and hours) seeking entertaining imagery and video across every platform possible, it is no surprise that using this technology helps to grip an audience, enhancing audience retention at conferences, gala events and corporate presentations, giving your attendees a superior viewing experience.

After all, we have almost trained ourselves to be consumed by entertaining movements (think of the time spent each day on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram).

Projector hire paired with event AV hire and production can project images, video or graphic elements onto a surface as small as a screen or as large as a wall.  Experienced technical teams can produce outstanding graphic, video and image content that creates movement and interest across a chosen surface and even surround your audience, immersing them into your presentation thoroughly.

The experience of attending an event with outstanding projector hire can change the way an audience participates, remembers and retains information shared at your conference or presentation.  Nextgen offers event production services that include projector hire combined with world-class creativity and technology, your event can become truly memorable.


When a premium viewing experience is everything, superior data projector hire is a must.

If you are new to event production services and including data projection in your event planning our simple guide to projector hire is here to help. Read on for a helping hand in projector and data projector hire.


What is a projector?

Projectors are most commonly used in conferences, gala and corporate events. A projector is used to display large video or images and can be mounted on a table or stand, or from a venue’s ceiling for more permanent use.


What is a projector and how do projectors work?

A projector receives data from a computer and projects the images received onto the surface provided, usually a large screen or even walls.

Using projector hire to create a superior viewing experience for your audience and enhance presentations by your keynote speakers can take your event planning for conferences to heights that are unimaginable. Limits are only created by your imagination.

Potential uses for projector hire within conferencing can include (but are not limited to!):

  • Supporting your messaging with visual aids such as graphic elements, video or images
  • Display activities, FAQ’s, or exercises on a large screen that can help keep your audience engaged throughout your event
  • Create interactive sessions by sharing breakout rooms or virtual attendees on a large screen
  • Include video conferencing within your presentation for those that can not attend your event in-person and create a more inclusive environment for those participants
  • Display sponsor messaging along with your key messaging in real-time as your presentation or conference progresses

By using projector hire in conjunction with a great imagination, or an experienced digital event services provider, you can create an engaging and memorable conference for your attendees both in-person and virtual.


Digital event services and projection hire

Creating powerful visuals that engage your audience goes beyond just sharing images and video content.

As experts in the field of creative content with years of experience in taking our client’s conferences and events to a level they had previously not imagined our team stands by our approach of tailored event creative for each event.

Presentations without the creativity to cut through the noise and attract attention at an event can miss the mark, lacking the authenticity needed to immerse an audience into an event thoroughly. Without this, key messaging can be missed when audience retention is low.

Pairing projection hire with creative digital event services ensures a well-planned event with key messaging and audience retention in mind.  Measurable results come from a memorable event. Our team gets results by delivering sponsor messaging, and key points from throughout your conference, sharing your purpose with your audience in creative ways that connect them emotionally to your delivered information.

Online, live-streamed or in-person outstanding digital event services paired with projection hire can help ensure an audience walks away from an event with a clear purpose.

With over a decade of experience in the industry specialising in stage hire for events, discover a world of endless possibilities with NEXTGEN. Contact us now.

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