How to choose between a Virtual and Hybrid event

Things have changed. And we think for the better! 

Before the world moved to working from home during Covid, if we are honest with ourselves, we can admit there were times when we just wished we could attend that conference or event with much less hassle. In the industry ourselves, we knew that online virtual event management was absolutely bringing endless opportunities to event planners, but many in the general workforce had not yet adopted live webcasting as a great communication tool. 

As things changed and more people got used to having to work from home, the many benefits to live webcasting being used within events were more readily recognised. 

When compared to in-person events, event planners began to embrace the benefits of virtual events. If you have not yet embraced webcasting services for your events, find out how to choose between a hybrid and a virtual event by ready on. 


When planning your next event, how do you choose between a virtual and a hybrid event? 

We share the key indicators to consider when deciding on the event type that may suit your event below. 


Event budgets and hybrid events

Using online virtual event management services may be the more conservative option when the budget is a big concern. Due to the utterly virtual component, your budget does not need to include venue hire, catering or travel and therefore, spending can be significantly reduced. 

A hybrid event includes an in-person component that can increase your event budget by quite a bit if venue hire, travel, accommodation, and catering are included.  Equipment to provide seamless integration of the in-person component and the virtual components for people attending online can add to the cost of a hybrid event.

There are also many more costs involved when an in-person component is added to an event making hybrid events potentially have a need for included signage, marketing materials and incidental spending that may not be necessary when a virtual event can go completely digital.

Keep in mind the cost of a ticket for your attendees.  

By utilising webcast service providers for a virtual event the cost of attending for your audience may be reduced as your costs are cut compared to a hybrid event. Increasing your audience as accessibility becomes easier is a great possibility. 


How do I determine which event type is right for my event? 

Consider the audience you are targeting.  A busy tech-savvy audience may prefer the convenience of a virtual event they can attend from anywhere easily. In contrast, an audience that is more comfortable without technology may like an event that is held in-person. A hybrid event allows them to attend in person while other attendees attend virtually. 

If your event goal is to reach a larger audience, potentially worldwide, a virtual event could be the better choice. 

If networking and building relationships are your key goals for your corporate event, the in-person component of a hybrid event may be more beneficial.

Determining the best event type depends on your specific needs, key messaging and how you want to connect with your audience.  Considering these key points can help you determine the best option to deliver a successful event. 


What event type is best to share my content with my audience?

Hands-on activities, networking and physical marketing materials require the in-person connection that comes with a hybrid or in-person event.  If your budget allows, this can be a great way to have take-home materials put right in the hands of your target audience.  

Going digital is a convenient and cost-effective way to deliver your message directly to your target audience. If your content is easily shared digitally with your tech-savvy audience a virtual event can be convenient, cost-effective and a memorable way to connect with your attendees. 


How do I begin planning a virtual or hybrid event?

As you look to determine the right type of event to reach your audience in ways that are memorable, and give you measurable results that will impress your attendees and please your key stakeholders, it’s important to consider every possible approach. 

As a team of experienced event technology specialists with a background in delivering all types of events for over a decade, the NEXTGEN team makes a concerted effort to get to know your key targets for each event, helping you determine what type of event may suit your needs and budget. 

Understanding your unique requirements means tailoring an approach to your event like no other.  Our creative team can provide an all-inclusive quote for any event type you choose.

We can provide the event creative you need, the technical know-how you require and most of all, give you the confidence you need to deliver an outstanding event every time. 

Understanding that taking your event completely virtual, or creating a hybrid event brings an aspect of technology to the table that is specialised and often hard to understand, we created Attendee Online powered by NEXTGEN.  

Attendee Online powered by NEXTGEN is our fully managed virtual event service – providing a platform that makes live streaming your event seamless.  Allowing you to fully focus on what is important to you while we take care of the rest. 

Ask us about virtual event services and hybrid event delivery now, and let us help you prepare to reach a global audience seamlessly. 

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