Top 8 Audio Visual Mistakes Event Managers Should Avoid

Having a team of audio visual specialists behind you when you are planning and setting up an event can be the difference between a successful event and one that fails to impress. 

After over a decade of assisting event managers that have had less than perfect AV results in the past, we realise education in event planning is invaluable – and so we are always happy to share.  

We have done our fair share of helping those who have attempted audio visual set-up without a specialist. And also those that had given contracts to so-called ‘AV specialists’ without the experience and know-how to get it right 100% of the time. Some of the results Melbourne event planners who had failed to plan received were devastating.

Educating event planners on audio visuals in Melbourne includes us sharing how we ensure great audio visuals everytime, and what you should avoid when planning audio visuals for events. 


Here is our list of top 8 audio visual mistakes that should be avoided to ensure successful event delivery.


1. Overly complicating equipment and set up. Keeping the audio visual equipment set up as simple as possible doesn’t mean the results can not be outstanding.  

By ensuring the AV equipment set up will be considerate of the venue and event requirements and planning well, event planners can avoid overcomplicating the set up. Helping to make it quicker to set up and easier to use. 


2. Misunderstanding equipment functions. Not having a good understanding of what each piece of equipment’s main function is and how it works in unison with other equipment can mean the hire and use of extra equipment, not enough AV equipment, or completely incorrect equipment can create costly errors, both for your budget and event planning reputation. 

3. Inadequate research. Not having a basic understanding of what an audio visual specialist and av equipment hire specialists can do in regards to creating events with outstanding AV can lead to hiring inadequate help for your event. 

When you have at least a basic understanding of what is required and what equipment is needed can help you avoid hiring unsuitable providers for your event.  More research means you are less likely to hire a team that will fall short of your expectations!


4. Poor cable management. Not only a threat to the longevity of the equipment and quality of the audio visuals during the event, but poor cable management can also create safety issues such as tripping hazards and potential electrical disasters.  Getting it right is essential for everyone’s safety and bottom line as replacing equipment due to misuse could be a costly expense. 

5. Not considering the venue limitations. All venues have their limitations, getting to know them will inadvertently help avoid audio visual mistakes that the venue layout and type may affect. 


Understanding what types of equipment can or can not be used can help determine the right type of AV equipment for your event. 


6. Not understanding venue acoustics. Each venue has its own acoustics that can make a huge difference to the experience for your audience.  Indoors or out it is essential to consider how your sounds will be heard by the audience.  


Poor sound quality is an element that can be detrimental to the success of an event.


7. Underestimating audience experience. Poor sound quality and visuals can be detrimental to the success of your event.  Audiences and attendees want to feel as though they are immersed in your event or presentation and poor audio visuals can mean this element of your event is missed.


Poor audience experience can mean your stakeholders are not pleased as key messaging may be missed, and final measurable results from your event may be less than pleasing. 


8. Not using a reputable audio visual specialist. Understanding AV equipment is a great skill for all event planners to ensure your AV partner is trustworthy and knowledgeable, however, once you have gained a good understanding of AV, we do not recommend doing it yourself! 


Audio visual set up can be extremely complicated and if not done right, can be extremely damaging to your event results, attendee safety and your reputation!


The NEXTGEN team are always happy to discuss the ins and outs of AV hire equipment and AV production to help you gain a full understanding of the process and the results to expect when we deliver your event.  


Our clear, all-inclusive quotes also help you ensure you are avoiding any of our top 8 mistakes to avoid to ensure successful event delivery.  Connect with us now to discuss your event AV requirements and to arrange a quote.

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