Planning for Success with the Right Event Production Service

In essence, NEXTGEN is a team of professional planners delivering exceptional AV hire in Melbourne.  We got our reputation by delivering outstanding av hire and event production services to well-known businesses, brands and government groups across Melbourne, and we are sharing our insider tips on how to plan for success with the right event production service!


Delivering event staging, lighting, and the end-to-end event production services needed for outstanding events, exhibitions, and conferences requires a level of planning that seems extensive and sometimes overwhelming to event planners. However, our easy guide can help take your av equipment hire briefs to a level that can only improve your event production going forward. 


Consider the following points when planning your brief for your preferred AV hire and event production team (we will assume that is us)! 


By having pre-prepared yourself to answer the questions needed to produce a great event, as your event AV partner, with the knowledge on hand that has been considered from the following topics you are almost guaranteed your AV hire quote will be provided accurately and all-inclusive, quickly.  It will also allow our team to get a great idea of what you envision for your event, allowing us to get creative and provide value-adding suggestions to impress your key stakeholders and, eventually, your audience. 


Defining your event objectives. 

Having your objectives clear from the first discussion with your event production team helps determine the type of AV equipment and services you require.  By sharing your goals and objectives, it helps align our services with your specific needs. 


Consider what you want to achieve from your event and how you plan to do that.  Are you planning a conference, gala dinner or exhibition, what measurable results do you want to see in your event analytics post-event? 


Determine your target event audience.

Having a firm understanding of your event audience demographics, preferences and expectations will help determine if they are tech-savvy and open to online event options such as hybrid events or virtual events.  It will also help us recommend the appropriate audio visual equipment and services that may better help deliver your key messaging and help you reach your event goals.


Logistics and venue for your upcoming event.

Sharing as many details as possible from your event or conference venue and location such as size, layout and available access allows us to form a clear idea of event requirements in terms of timelines, bump-in, bump-out and equipment required. 


Logistics and location for your venue are high on the list of importance when it comes to getting your event staging, event lighting and audio visual equipment set up for success. Getting this wrong can lead to a wealth of problems when setting up your event, and of course, could be detrimental to your audience’s experience.


Seamless audio visual delivery requires identifying potential problems and minimising any likely issues, while taking advantage of any opportunity to use the venue and location to our benefit.


Technical requirements for events and conferencing. 

After considering your event goals and target audience, the technical requirements for your event or conference will become clearer. Are virtual event services required? Will you have multiple presenters or performers and is there a requirement for Q&A sessions or multimedia presentations?


By sharing the event elements that are important to you as an event planner along with the details determined above, your event planning brief will give us a clear idea of what is important to you, your stakeholders and your audience.  Giving us the opportunity to include value-adding services and equipment in your event AV quote that will not only help deliver an outstanding event, but also meet your budget requirements. 


Budgeting for your event or conference.

A great event and conference audio visual management team make the most of the allocated budget, not by upping the spending on irrelevant bells and whistles but by carefully considering your key event objectives and preparing an inclusive, creative plan for your event. 


Knowing your audience, event objectives and the vision for your event prior to preparing a brief for your events audio visual hire ensures your event quote will have determined any potential challenges, have included creative and value-adding strategies and of course the support, audio visual set up and expertise to ensure the seamless delivery of your event. 


Discuss your expectations regarding technical support and level of on-site assistance for your event when you start the conversation around your AV event tech hire.  Our team can manage your event from end-to-end, or be there as your support team as you require, the choice is yours. 


Collaborate with the NEXTGEN team now to discuss providing a positive event planning experience for your business, and of course outstanding results at your next event.

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