PA Hire Tips for a Hassle Free Event: How to Guarantee Great Sound!

As a leading audio visual hire team here in Melbourne we are often asked, how can we guarantee great sound at events and conferences? So we are sharing our essential tips to PA hire for a hassle-free, great sounding event experience.


What is a PA system?


A PA system is a crucial component of event audio equipment that distributes and amplifies sound clearly to your audience.  Done right, everyone within your venue should be able to hear clearly, wherever they are in the room.

Understanding the critical role that clear and powerful sound plays in creating impactful events is the first step to getting your event PA hire right. 

Whether you are planning a corporate conference, gala dinner, music festival, or community event, these PA hire tips will help us, help you, optimise your sound system and elevate your audience’s experience at your next event.


How do I identify the best pa system equipment for my event?


Consider the size of your chosen venue, the number of attendees, and the nature of the event. Will it be a speaking event, involve performances, or a mix of both? 

Consider the location, is it an indoor or outdoor event? 

Will you require an online component to deliver your key messaging, or share your event with a wider audience?

Understanding these details when chatting to your preferred end-to-end PA hire specialist (that’s us!) will help us determine the appropriate PA system, stage, and speaker hire for your next Melbourne event.

Smaller, more intimate events may get great results with a small, more portable pa system, depending on your venue’s acoustics and the purpose of your event.  

A speaking event generally has less need for a larger more powerful pa system, however, this still depends on your key messaging, venue and determined event criteria for success, so discussing with your pa system hire specialist before going it alone is always advised! 

Larger events can require a more scaled set-up, involving larger speakers, and multiple placements.  Having performers?  It is important to ensure the sound is on point to give the best results for your audience. Balanced sound and consideration of sound quality are very important for musical festivals and performances. 

Depending on your event type, wireless microphone systems for presenters, and performers can also allow for easy mobility during performances, ensuring a seamless experience for the performers, with more allowance for creative freedom. This can be an element that audiences love, and should be on the list of potential pa equipment required. 

Discussing the vision and purpose for your event from the first brief can ensure your experienced AV hire specialist can utilise any specialist equipment that may add value to your event and enhance the audience experience. It can also help ensure your pa equipment quote is all-inclusive, with everything you need right from the beginning, with no hidden surprises. 


How does stage hire affect event sound?


As a focal point for your event, stage hire and placement play a big role in producing great sound dispersion as well as visual impact. Consider the size, height and placement of your stage when taking into account the overall event experience for your audience. 

Your stage hire can help or hinder your event’s audiovisuals if not paired correctly with your sound system. Discussing your stage hire requirements with your av event production team prior to the event is essential to getting your pa hire right. 

Speaker placement is key to ensuring all areas of your venue have great sound.  Dead spots or places of extreme volume can be detrimental to the overall experience of the event for your audience. Getting consistent sound quality throughout your event, and for your type of event can require speakers at varying heights, as well as varied locations around your venue. 

Outdoor venues require some specialised equipment and pa system equipment to ensure your event’s sound isn’t affected by nature, or potential environmental factors local to your venue. 


Testing and trialling. 


Testing, testing 1,2,3…sure, this always gets a giggle from the set-up teams prior to an event, but thorough sound checks can ensure appropriate volume levels and optimal sound quality.  It can help identify any last-minute environmental factors that may be affecting your sound, and vary the clarity and balance prior to your event starting. 

Last-minute checks can be what ensures an enjoyable audio experience for your attendees. 

Investing in professional technical support ensures smooth, uninterrupted delivery of sound at your event, handling any unforeseen issues that may arise, and allowing you to focus on providing a memorable event experience. When your event requires more than a small, portable pa system, it pays to have the support of a trusted sound technician on hand. 

By considering the elements we have discussed above when providing a brief and obtaining a quote from your av event specialists, you are well on your way to ensuring your event has exceptional sound!

Consult with our experienced team to determine the ideal PA system for your specific needs.

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