Hybrid event trends and why you need to jump on board

Are you looking for a cutting-edge, audio visual experience? Sure, virtual events are effective and efficient, but there is still something to be said for in-person events, and that is of course, they make events a little more humanised than when your audience is just staring at a screen (insert yawn here).  Our team can supply you with the right mix of technical, creative and trusted hybrid event services that will truly engage with your audience.

It’s a fact we are all sick of staring at screens for virtual conferences, so these hybrid event trends could be the winner when it comes to connecting and engaging with your audience in an innovative way.

Here are a few quick reminders of why hybrid events are the bomb when it comes to a virtual conference and a few tips on how to plan a hybrid event.

Hybrid events bring your audience the best of both worlds with in-person event components paired with elements only available in the virtual event space.  A hybrid conference event can help your business take those on-screen-only events of the past two years back to something a little more welcoming while keeping the virtual component for those that love the convenience (and the savings)!

Five reasons why holding a hybrid event over a virtual-only event or conference can help boost your event:

  1. More of a personal feel for both those attending in person and those attending through the online virtual event platform.
  2. They raise the opportunity for more organic engagement throughout the event
  3. People love to see friendly faces as if they were also in the room.
  4. All attendees can communicate and engage through the virtual platform, even if they are attending in person.
  5. They just make for a more humanised way of still reaping the benefits and savings of holding a virtual event while also connecting personally with those that can attend locally.

Event trends are hot topics at the start of every year, and this is why:

Top trends for hybrid event conferences in 2023

Going out on a limb and infusing a new hybrid event idea into your event can increase the likelihood that your it will be remembered for all the right reasons.  Here are a few top trends for hybrid event production in 2023 to consider adding to your event production and AV equipment hire list.

  • Integrating personalised graphics, animations and branding into your virtual event services to enable those virtual attendees to feel part of the in-person component.
  • Considering the key objectives for the event, interactive Q&A’s and networking break-out rooms are seeing great results right now.
  • Using almost instant event analytics to monitor attendees and accommodate their needs throughout events and conferencing.
  • Using hybrid event conferences in place of completely in-person events to reduce the amount of travel and waste required to produce in-person-only events. It is all about sustainability!
  • And of course, delivering events that engage an audience without requiring insane budgets, and adding value in unique ways is always trending in our books!
  • Working with NEXTGEN to create your next event or conference, because honestly, the hottest trend is using the best in the industry to help build the ultimate experiences within your event.

Our tips on how to begin planning your hybrid event.

The combination of in-person and digital event services to create a hybrid event gives brands and businesses the opportunity to connect in multiple ways throughout an event.  There are a few things to consider when you first start planning your hybrid event.  A great initial plan paired with the backing of an experienced online event platform and a hybrid conference agency can be the winning ticket when creating a hybrid event.

To get the most out of your event production partner, consider some details prior to getting started:

  • Consider what marketing strategies you may benefit from including in your event and how you will include social media to make an impact on your target audience to both build your attendee numbers and create a community vibe for your event.
  • How will you remain consistent across the event? The opportunity to fully brand your online event platform should be seen as a valuable asset, so consider how you can make the most of those opportunities.
  • Experience is what activations and conferences are all about.  Taking note of your audience’s needs, both online and in-person is important, and both should be acknowledged throughout.  Considering how all attendees engage with your conference and reach sponsored touchpoints is a great start to a hybrid conference plan that will allow your hybrid event agency to make the most of your exciting opportunity.

Let us tell you in one sentence why you should be using NEXTGEN for your hybrid (or any) event.

It’s simple. Our creativity is out of this world, and our passion for creating events that make engineering feats look easy makes us one of the most trusted AV hire companies in Melbourne and hybrid conference event agency teams in Melbourne. Get in touch with us today!

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