Quick quotes – how to get your events AV hire equipment quoted fast (and accurately)!

Online quick quotes are great! They give you a complete list of what your AV equipment will cost, they (might) give you a delivery cost, (there is a slim chance) you will get an install and production fee, and they (rarely) give you an accurate list of the equipment you need to deliver a great event that impresses and gets your audience engaged. See what we did there?

On the surface, an online-only quote sounds efficient, but in all honesty, they are often inaccurate, and not inclusive of all the things required to deliver a seamless event that really brings value for money to your event.

Efficiency + detail is the key to a quick quote that is worth your time

We are all for a quick quote for sure, but they have to be accurate for both parties to ensure they are on point and ready to roll if you decide to go ahead. To ensure your efforts in getting a quote pay off, the number one priority is making sure everything you will need for a great event is included. So here are our tips on how to get a quick and accurate quote that is all-inclusive for your AV equipment hire. 

Our list of info you should aim to have on hand when you are chasing an all-inclusive quick quote:

  • Be prepared with the following information on hand to share about your venue
    • Location of venue
    • Size of venue
    • Number of attendees
  • Have a clear idea of what you will be presenting/the purpose of your event
  • Know if your event will be virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of both?
  • Have your key event objectives ready (trust us it helps us immensely to know this)!
  • An idea of budget allocated for audio visual hire, production management, and staging

NEXTGEN budget tip:

The reason we ask for an indication of the budget is not so we can purposely spend every dollar available (like some others may), it is so we have a clear understanding of what value-adding special effects or equipment we may be able to include within a reasonable budget – to give you great value for money, and of course a great event! It gives us a clear idea of what we can do for you within the budget that aligns with the vision you have for your event.

After years of experience we know what questions we need answers to, to ensure we get your quote right; the first time. If there is one reason to actually reach out to an AV hire company rather than rely on online hire only it is knowledge!

Knowledge and experience are the hidden ingredients you need in an AV hire quote.

Without the details of the vision you have for your event, a quote can not be accurate, that’s the hard truth.

Not knowing what your key goals are, the details of the venue and the vision for your event you really are just hiring a bunch of AV equipment that may or (most likely) may not deliver the special effects for event lighting and sound that you need to create an event that would be measured as a great success!

Partnering with an event AV specialist that ‘just gets’ your needs can provide quick and accurate quotes that allow you to move forward confidently when running an event. Having a knowledgeable passionate team on the end of your phone or online enquiries is key to getting the results you need. A pick-and-mix online-only quote with no consultation will only end in a messy, painful transaction and a ho-hum event delivery, we can almost guarantee it.

By being prepared with the answers to those above questions your chosen AV equipment hire company should very well be able to provide the quick (and accurate) quote you need for quick decisions and easy planning of any event. The NEXTGEN team are a bunch of creatives that will ensure the equipment and talent provided with your AV hire will suit your needs and delivery will be seamless, every time.

Quick quote checklist

Ensure your AV hire quote includes the following or has at least considered any possible needs before excluding anything from your quote. Your AV equipment quote should include:

As a trusted AV equipment specialist with years of experience partnering with top brands and companies across Australia we sure are very supportive of event planners and new businesses looking to create exceptional events.

Our creative team loves a challenge and is consistently looking for new ways to bring value adding special effects to events, conferences, festivals and roadshows.  The team is happy to work with you all the way to bring your vision to life.


Got ideas of what creative effects you would like to incorporate – yes! NextGen is here for you.

Got zero ideas of what would work? No problem! We are happy to help you with your creativity all the way so that you gain a clear understanding of what we can and will do for you.

Move forward with your event planning with complete confidence in the NEXTGEN team. Reach out today for an in-depth chat OR a quick quote here.

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