Outstanding Uses of LED Video Walls for Exhibitions and Gala Nights

How using LED Video Walls at exhibitions and gala nights can give you outstanding results

Conferences, exhibitions and gala nights that impress include visual stimulation for the audience to engage, entertain and wow. Without a massive dent in the budget, video wall hire can add an impressive visual element that can accompany your speakers and announcements to attract attention, supporting your key messaging in a pleasing visual way that more importantly, entertains!\

Video is king in terms of content and we are all a little addicted to screen time – so if you give your audience an event with no movement, anyone’s attention span is almost certainly gone. Let’s get visual!

Video wall hire allows for a versatile way to use display technology and digital event services to enhance your gala night or exhibition with visual elements that draw your audience’s attention.  Used effectively, led wall hire can provide supporting messaging or images to accompany your keynote speakers’ presentations, bring your brand activation to life and entertain at gala nights and roadshows.

Cost-effective digital event services are an event planner’s best friend for creative events that get remembered without excessive budgets that would rather be forgotten!

We love LED video walls for events like:

  • Roadshows and gala nights
  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Brand activations and product launches
  • Corporate events


Communication is critical when it comes to exhibitions and gala events; visual elements can play a big part in reaching your audience in a discreet and welcoming way. After years of most people spending literally hours a day scrolling for video content on social media channels, including YouTube and any online platforms to seek information, it is the way our brains are now trained to take on and retain new knowledge. We look for movement and visual stimulation to entertain and inspire.

Sure, we are not scientists (more a bunch of experienced, creative tech heads) but it’s a valid point that using audio-visual equipment to highlight, deliver and support your key messaging can give you outstanding results.

Static signage can only take your event so far. Sure people will notice it, but will they remember it? Make it entertaining with movement using LED walls customised to suit your event, and your ability to communicate and engage with your audience grows 1000% (Ok we made that figure up but it will excite your audience more than a static banner or basic signage- we guarantee that)!

Adding a visual element to any event helps capture your audience’s attention. Our team of creatives appreciate digital event services that incorporate LED wall hire for:

  • Colourful graphics and special effects
  • Sharing information that supports your speakers key messaging
  • Entertaining video and presentations
  • Displaying live audience polling or social media activity in real-time
  • Sponsorship information and branding


A creative event production service team like NEXTGEN (hello that’s us!) will take the time to understand the main focus and key elements within your event. Helping you to customise an AV equipment quote to include video wall hire, lighting, lighting consoles and pa hire that will blow your audience away. How?

It’s the few important questions we ask at the beginning of planning your event that will help our team of creative techs plan an all-inclusive quote that includes scope for value-adding special effects and all AV equipment required to deliver entertaining digital event services, great visuals and even better sound.

Gone are the days of pop-up static signage on stages or going unnoticed in the background. LED wall hire is the way to be seen at events – what you want to share with your audience is limitless.  Pair digital event services with your imagination to create an event that captures your audience’s attention and gets remembered for all the right reasons.

Our all-inclusive, no-surprise quotes ensure your AV hire equipment list has all the special visual effects and incredible sound to impress, plus the production team to deliver it seamlessly, so you can concentrate on what you do best, while we take care of the rest from behind the scenes.

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