If there is one thing you want to get sorted quickly, and accurately when planning an event, it’s the AV hire equipment. Why? Because it’s one of the most technical and intricate planning steps for any event that you can plan and then leave to the experts.  

AV hire equipment adds a visual and sound element to any event that gets the attention of your audience and impresses them throughout your show. You don’t want to mess it up – trust us.  

Getting your audio-visual hire right is clearly a higher priority than getting quotes and booking done quickly, but we know how you can do both quickly and accurately, so you can move forward with the rest of your event planning with confidence that you have ticked all the boxes for your audio visual equipment. The not-so-secret recipe to getting it right is – call NEXTGEN.  

AV companies that understand your event’s key KPI’s, value the relationships with your stakeholders and understand that creativity and seamless delivery are what will see your audience immersed in your event throughout are the ones you want to have behind you all the way.   

The NEXTGEN team is an end-to-end solution to your AV hire needs. All our creativity and background in delivering events across Melbourne and beyond gives us the backing we need to ensure your AV needs are not only ticked off your list, but planned and sorted with value-adding creativity and professional planning behind every event. That’s how you get your event equipment sorted pronto.  

By going directly to the experienced team that has you covered for all your needs. We don’t just hire equipment, we are the team that is supporting you all the way from behind the scenes, where you need us most.  

A one-stop shop that is behind you all the way for: 

  • PA hire 
  • LED wall hire 
  • Projector hire 
  • Speaker Hire
  • Lighting and rigging
  • Stage Hire

We don’t mind saying we are ‘the team’ to get behind you for successful event AV delivery.  Having the experience gives us the confidence to say ‘we’ve got you’ so you can concentrate on what you know best, and leave the rest to us.    

AV hire companies are all over the internet, sure.  There are ones that you can click, add to cart for a quote, arrange delivery and DIY and then…there are ones like ours, the ones that actually get it right.  

Quick doesn’t mean lower quality, zero service or important steps to creating inspiring events should be missed.  Handling your AV hire equipment requirements quickly should still include chatting with your event AV partner about: 

  • The kind of space you will be holding your event at 
  • The primary purpose of your event (is it a conference, concert, online event for example) 
  • Is your event outdoors or indoors 
  • The number of attendees that will be at your event 
  • the type of presentations or performances that may be at your event 

If that sounds overwhelming – you should definitely skip anything that looks remotely like a DIY solution because you could find yourself in a world of bad sound quality and poor lighting. There is no recovery from that once your event starts, so give us a call, pick our brains and let’s get your event AV equipment sorted – pronto.  

Learn more about our audio and visual hire services and get creative with NEXTGEN.

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