Virtual Reality in event management – why a virtual event platform should be considered.

There have been some exciting changes in the event management industry! Changes most were wary of in the beginning, but as we embrace a new way of hosting events, virtual reality opens up a whole new way of making valuable connections and gives event management teams a varied platform to use to take client events to new heights. 


With the recent acceptance of hybrid event services by many corporates, small businesses and most people as they work from home it is little wonder virtual event platforms are being embraced by many. Below you will find our quick guide to online virtual events that we created to help you when considering virtual events for your next project. 

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Firstly, what is a hybrid event? 


A hybrid event is a great way to have a mix of in-person attendees at an event whilst also having an online virtual portion to it. Hybrid events have proven to be a welcoming way of hosting guests both locally and from afar safely and effectively. They provide a cost-effective way of bringing people virtually into the same room to connect and collaborate in real-time. 


Using virtual event platforms for affordability


As we learned to live in a world where it isn’t always a possibility to connect in person, many in the event management industry began to realise the potential of virtual event platforms quickly. Virtual event platforms have been accessible for many years now, but as our homes and businesses closed off to the outside; the benefits of virtual event platforms became apparent; not just for the safety reasons that had been rushed upon us. 


Many event production projects require extensive travel, travel-related expenses and time (and time is money!). As virtual event platforms became more widely used, the opportunity to consider moving events to online virtual management only over in-person events became more appealing as event production companies realised the potential to:


  • Save costs on travel and travel-related expenses;
  • Cut the time spent on event production in-house (as virtual event services are taken care of for you); 
  • Add value to an event with welcomed optional features such as:
    • Recorded sessions for attendees to revisit later;
    • Break out rooms for virtual connections between attendees;
    • Value-adding opportunities for sponsors or collaborators;


As an event manager it is almost certain you will now be comparing virtual event services and in-person events for any new project and asking questions such as ‘Does this require an in-person component at all?’ In contrast, just a few years ago the question was likey ‘What is a virtual event?’. Things have changed, making virtual event services a welcome, potentially cost-saving addition to the event industry. 

Benefits of a virtual event platform for event management.


Platforms that allow you to host small-medium meetings and conferences online for free or low-cost can be quite effective for some online events, but what happens when people have paid good money for your event or invested their valuable time and you get a glitch, unwanted issues, lousy sound or even camera issues? The result can be devastating for your brand. 


Using a dedicated virtual event platform managed by an experienced team can enable you to take advantage of many functions and features that dreaded DIY platforms lack. These features can make any event unforgettable to those involved and give your conference, trade show or special event that professional edge that can often lack in do-it-yourself events held online. 


Bringing your event to Nextgen as an online virtual event can give you access to our custom event platform that includes the below features your audience will love and you will appreciate, including:


  • The option to use our dedicated studio location or host at your chosen location;
  • Live Streaming that includes polling, live chat, Q&A sessions;
  • Event registration and monetising of events done by our experienced team;
  • Sponsorship opportunities – and remarketing to your audience following the event;
  • Session recording and editing;
  • Online presenter tools, including live helpdesk and custom presentation views;
  • Full branding and customisation;
  • Smoothly run events every time;
  • Great post-event data analytics done for you! 


With so many benefits to online events that are an asset to you as a business and give your audience a great experience, it makes sense to add a virtual element to almost any event. 


Why use Nextgen to get it done? 


The Nextgen team always recognised the advantages of virtual event services and we were excited about the possibility of working in the space more than we previously had if (and when) acceptance of online events grew. 


When the pandemic started and events slowed, then halted altogether as we began to work from home – we quickly realised our talents and experience would soon be in demand as events opened up again, and virtual events grew quickly in popularity. Unlike many new additions to the virtual event space; our team has been here all along gaining valuable experience in the industry. 


With our background in AV Hire and Event Production spanning over 15 years, it makes sense to come to us to pair your virtual event with our event production services.  The ability to host your online virtual event with the same experienced team that can supply, install and manage your lighting, sound and vision systems enables you to work with one talented team to bring your whole event together and really make an impression, glitch free. 


Exhibitions, conferences, marketing activations and more are perfectly suited to online virtual events, we can help you reach your target audience virtually or pair your in-person event with the benefits of virtual and go hybrid. The options are endless; as are our imaginations. 


Contact the team via email or telephone today about taking your next event to the Nextgen level. 

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