How to use virtual events for team building

When the team can’t be in the office together there is no reason team morale needs to dwindle! With so many ways to stay in touch and keep it engaging, virtual or hybrid events can be great for team building with the help of some great planning from you, and a proven webcast streaming service

Getting the crew together for bit of team building can sometimes be more beneficial than any regular team meeting, with a quick mood boost and a little reassurance that your remote workers are still part of the team productivity can be greatly increased with minimal effort on your part as the organiser but big gains in the morale stakes! 

There are so many more positions for team members that are being filled as remote roles now and with absolutely good reason!  With a lot of our clients, we find staff are increasingly loving the flexibility of working when they can, around the kids (maybe even the pets) at a time when they are fully focused.  With less travel, no car parking woes and the ability to wear your uggs to meetings why wouldn’t you want to keep your team happy and feeling comfortable at home? 

Having the ability to call upon your online virtual event management partner to get your team together without having to worry about the technical issues that can come from live streaming events can be a sanity saver by allowing you to concentrate on creating an engaging team building event that gets the whole team involved and engaged.

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After chatting to our team and our virtual event and conferencing clients over the past year we have put together a few ideas to help you use live webcasting to bring your crew together. 

  • Consider your team’s mental health and plan for a fun and interactive virtual event (another boring zoom meeting may drive them over the edge)! 
  • Create some points in your team building event that encourage everyone to ask questions, or jump on chat to comment – get them involved! 
  • Sending something unique to each team member’s home prior to the event can help peak their interest, something fun to wear in the meeting or something to spoil them a little with lunch delivered on the day (or a voucher for a nearby cafe delivery service) could be a great idea; 
  • Ensure your webcasting service provider and event partner are both prepared and proven to work at 100% every time.  By using the same partners each time your business will come to know how everything works and begin to enjoy seeing the catch up invite pop up!

Creating an engaging online event requires a little more consideration to ensure your team has plenty of opportunity to communicate with you during the event with online chats during your live streaming session and the opportunity to reach out with questions if they need to.  By planning in some Q&A time or moments when the team can openly chat to each other is a great way to help make sure everyone is alert and enjoying the event. 

Keep the team engaged by considering adding the following into your team building event:

  • Live Q&A sessions;
  • Live chat sessions; 
  • Interactive games or a fun activity (consider sending any props they may need prior to the event);
  • Create a treasure hunt where your team members need to find an item (or a few items) the quickest in their house and get back to the event to win a prize;
  • Reach out before the event and give everyone an idea of what will be involved (after all; no one really likes surprises do they?); 
  • Connect with the team individually after the event and chat about how it went, hopefully everyone had a great time and your chats will brighten up your day; 
  • Take some fun screenshots during the event (with your team members permission) and share with your business community.  Encourage your team to comment and share these posts; 
  • Keep the team building event short and sweet, don’t run overtime; 
  • Use your imagination and have some fun with it! 

Planning ahead is key to helping make your online team building event glitch free. Getting intouch with a proven webcasting partner that you can trust to help you create an engaging and glitch free live webcast event everytime is a great step in being ready to connect with your team whenever you need.  The benefit of going global with webcasting services means the set up time is always minimal, and with no venues to hire or schedules to work around you can host one anytime. 

We have seen many teams participate in hybrid events with great success.  By getting the office team together in-house, with the remote team via a reliable webcasting platform, it gives you the ability to really create a great team environment and is a cost-effective way to build your team’s morale. 

When chatting to a potential webcasting or livestreaming partner about your event, communicating what kind of virtual event you are aiming to create can be a great start to really ensuring you get the final result you are after.  A great online virtual event management team will be able to guide you along the way with some innovative, value adding solutions to create a memorable event within your allocated budget. 

The Nextgen team are a creative bunch that love what they do. Our virtual event and webcasting services don’t just end with the technical side of things, we are fully equipped to help you create an event that wow’s with our in-house digital solutions team at the ready.  Let’s get creative and get that team together!

Chat to the team today about our virtual event services to help get out there in new and engaging ways.

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