Corporate AV Hire

Meeting all your Corporate AV hire needs in the Melbourne area.

You might be tasked with creating and managing one of a range of corporate events for which the highest standard of cutting edge audio visual technology is a key requirement. Such events might range from an AGM to a shareholders’ meeting, attendance at, and participation in, a roadshow or conference. You might be ready to activate the latest product, introduce a crucial new brand experience, or offer new services to the public. There may also be back-up or stand-alone internal events to be held for any of these reasons.

Managing such moments is stressful, we can all appreciate that. However, there is one way that this can be lessened in a key area.

Trusting Nextgen AV to deliver those vital corporate audio visual services

This will leave you free and clear to focus on other aspects of the event. Why Nextgen Audio Visual? Well the name’s in our title! Our team has totalled over half a century of experiences in corporate event management. We have access to an astonishing 120,000 different key corporate AV hire components. 98% of past clients choose us again when planning their next event.

Call 1300 792 922, or email right here We’re ready to understand your corporate event, and its AV needs. Then we will offer obligation free suggestions – it’s always your choice whether to choose Nextgen corporate audio visual services as so many other major businesses, corporations, councils and others choose to do.

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The assistance we’ll provide for you

For each of these events, and others, our friendly and helpful team will happily offer advice for free and detail some terrific equipment choices. These range from complete event sound systems, either indoors or out, to the hire of some portable speakers or LED screens. We might be asked to create an amazing video wall or provide festoon lighting for an outdoors and marquee-held event. Sometimes, we construct complete stage sets, at others we set up lighting rigs and provide wireless microphones. Other possibilities include: digital recording capabilities, media servers and sound mixers, LED pixel, stage wash and spot lighting, and so much more.

Of all the AV companies in Melbourne – here’s the one number you truly need

Nextgen AV – remember you'll reach us on 1300 792 922 or you can send an email here Talk us through your event and then set us to work on your behalf – this means you are free to focus on all the other parts of your upcoming event, knowing that your AV needs are in such experienced hands.