Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire An External AV Company.

Choose the AV Company that puts you first.

Event management involves a lot of moving parts, so much so that when you’re working with a venue, it can be tempting to use their in-house AV company. The in-house AV company can feel like the more convenient option, but sometimes it can become far from it. Using the venue’s in-house AV company can cost you time and money, not to mention the logistical headaches. 

Hiring an external AV supplier is a lot easier than you think, especially when you need more than your standard data projector and screen. 

1. Use trusted AV professionals that have your back.

To plan and manage any event (large or small), you’ll face complications that can quickly get out of hand, make it easy for yourself, and leave it up to the professionals. Often, the in-house AV provider is an employee of the venue who has little experience with AV. You might get lucky, and this will serve your event needs. But should anything out of the ordinary happen, an inexperienced technician will not be able to troubleshoot and mitigate risk effectively.

When you hire an external AV Hire company, you’re adding professionals to your team that has your back.

2. Get it right the first time and save money on your event.

If you’re utilising an in-house AV system, you might end up paying for hardware that you don’t use. When you work with an external AV provider, you get to choose what you need while also having access to the equipment you want to try (but didn’t consider).

When you have one point of contact for all your events, your job gets a lot easier. Your go-to AV company will know what you need and will produce the desired results without you needing to worry and micromanage. 

The personal touch of a professional who knows your exact needs allows the result to exceed expectations.

3. Gain access to the latest AV event equipment trends.

In-house AV providers usually have limited equipment and tech options at your chosen venue. For up-to-date equipment and industry expertise, choose a specialised AV solutions company where the risks are limited, and the rewards are heightened. You can rest easy knowing that the high-quality results and service will always be at a high standard.

When you use a provider when AV solutions are not their primary business, they will not offer you the attention to detail you want for a professional event.

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