How to save money and transform your stage at the same time.

Our collective attention span is diminishing; this means the stage design for your event needs to be as engaging as possible. Use your event backdrop as an opportunity to stimulate the audience and have their focused attention on something visually stunning.

It’s best to balance your backdrop choice with what’s happening on stage, you want the backdrop to support the presentation, not to distract from, or overpower it.

There are many choices you can consider for your event’s backdrop; our top 3 are the classic fabric drape, 3D Modular Panels, and LED Video Walls.

Drape Installation

The event drape hire is a classic and can transform your event space from a mediocre room to an engaging event location. Depending on the purpose of your drape needs, you can use black velveteen or a sheer, white voile drape. The different drape types will offer different contrasting highlights, whether it’s a soft filter or making your stage pop.

velveteen drape hire

Modular Backdrops 

Modular backdrops are lightweight, ABS plastic, scenic panels that turn any stage into an elegant design feature. They are easy to put together and offer amazing three-dimensional seamless stage hire looks. You can combine them with stunning lighting designs to catch lighting beams and shadows at your conferences.

3D modular backdrop

LED Video Walls

Using LED video walls as the backdrop for your event offers an eye-catching display that will impress your event attendees. The video wall allows your event to come to life with video and graphics that add to your presentation.

LED video wall hire

When it comes down to it, you’ll need a backdrop solution that is unique to your event and objectives. Nextgen Audio Visual creates event staging solutions that best suit your event needs. Get a quote now for drape hire, or talk to the team to find the best backdrop fit for you. 

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