How Ai is Revolutionising AV Hire and Event Production

Ai is revolutionising many industries, including audio visuals and event production of course! It is an exciting time, and we are embracing the capabilities of Ai – within reason.


Is Ai in the event industry taking the place of the experts and helping businesses DIY their sound and visuals, we say no (we think our jobs are safe). But it is expanding the creativity and flexibility of experienced professionals and giving outstanding results when used with the correct amount of apprehension (for now) and oversight. 


As event technology professionals, it would be remiss of us to overlook the technology Ai is bringing to the event industry.  We are of the opinion that those that do not embrace educating themselves on new and advanced capabilities in the industry get left behind – regardless of if you choose to use Ai within your event planning business, it pays to be knowledgeable and ahead of current changes. 


So here we are looking at how Ai is revolutionising AV hire and event production


What can Ai be used for in the audio visual industry?


Ai (Artificial Intelligence) in AV event technology is allowing the ability to leverage computer automation to create time-saving functions that can not only save time but enhance the results event planners and av professionals may get within the time used for certain tasks.  


It can also anticipate and manipulate some aspects of sound and visual technology to create great sound and video/graphic edits that will blow your mind. Achievable by humans sure, but at what cost? 


Time is money of course – utilising Ai for some areas to automate for best results allows for more creative freedom, without the exuberant costs of human tasking for some parts of audio-visual production. 


When taught correctly – by an expert in the industry, Ai can be a great tool for enhancing or creating:


  • Closed captions and translations by recognising speech
  • Video and audio quality reports for fixing issues – or assisting humans to do so
  • Content recommendations by analysing past audience behaviour
  • Camera movements and lighting adjustments based on movements
  • Outstanding interactive visuals, animations and graphics
  • Real-time data and insights throughout an event
  • Automated note-taking 


The real-time data insights Ai systems can process provide event organisers with actionable insights on attendee engagement, content effectiveness and enable quick adjustments in real-time.  Giving events a better chance of great success. 


Of course, most in the industry have already been using artificial intelligence for virtual assistance with Ai powered chatbots for answering frequently asked questions by potential clients and to facilitate appointment setting and other administrative tasks that allow industry experts to spend more time creating, and less time typing/calling. A win-win for everyone when done correctly (we like to keep the human aspect high within our customer service)!


What are the advantages of using Ai in audio visual and event production?


We believe the advantages will be endless – eventually. 


As mentioned with the right people behind these tools, we are seeing amazing results, however, without industry knowledge and the experience to be able to teach these tools and steer them in the right direction, the results may be less than personal.  


Branding, tone of voice and key messaging are a huge part of event production, Ai (without the correct background knowledge fed to it) may be second-guessing what your audience wants to see and hear and the results may be detrimental. 


The advantages, however, will blow your mind and that of your audience.  Event audio visual specialists are utilising Ai for: 


  • Intelligent content targeted directly to your audience and attendees
  • Smooth delivery of enhanced animations, graphics and visuals
  • Enhanced audiovisual experiences with automatic adjustments
  • Predictive maintenance support 
  • Outstanding experiential event technology


Ai will improve, learn and adapt over time. Its ability to analyse and learn from data quicker than we humans makes it an asset to watch out for.  We love it for its advanced animation and graphic capability, and its ability to give valuable insights and measurable data at the conclusion of an event quickly and accurately.


An experienced, trustworthy av hire team will undoubtedly give you the best value for money always by getting to know your individual requirements and offering the best value-adding special effects, additions to your event and great behind-the-scenes service. Supporting you from where you need it most on event day – behind the scenes. 


With Ai technology at our fingertips, the NEXTGEN team has been and will continue to grow our Ai knowledge, enabling us to pass the value and benefits on to our many clients. 


Always growing, our team is consistently researching and learning new technology, and Ai is of course top of our list as we see the advantages in the technology growing almost every minute. 


When Ai technology is used within NEXTGEN event production, you can rest assured, the benefit to you is extended knowledge, even more outstanding effects and the ability to provide seamless delivery of any Ai assisted technology. 


While we think Ai will go a lot further, our crew are consistently learning, testing and overseeing all aspects of our products and services, because while we appreciate Ai, we trust the human experience more.   


We hope to update this article in a year or so with more advanced tech news, for now, contact us to discuss your individual AV event hire and production needs and feel free to ask if we will be considering the use of Ai to assist us in delivering your next outstanding event. 


Disclaimer: This article is written by a human, with a little assistance from Ai technology. 

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