5 Tips on How to Create a Successful Webcast Live Streaming to Grow Your Audience

Using digital event services is a great way to build connections, share key messaging and market your brand in a way that gives you an economical solution for reaching your target audience and growing your audience both locally and internationally. 


Why use live streaming for corporate events? 

Most audiences now welcome live streaming events as a way of attending conferences, seminars and brand activations. It gives them the opportunity to connect with more people, businesses and brands, without the need to move to another location to do so. 


Online events can be less disruptive to your audience’s busy schedules and a way to increase their engagement and attendance rates, by making attending your event or conference easy, and usually for less investment as there are no travel plans needed. 


People are connecting from wherever is convenient for them, and not missing a thing!


Hosting webcast meetings and events can be beneficial to your business budget and key performance indicators, with the potential to leverage your business assets to reach a wider audience than ever possible with in-person events. 


The cost of reaching a global audience with live event webcasting can be significantly less than an in-person event and the results can be even more accurately measured using insightful event data.


What is live streaming?

Live streaming allows you to hold your event or conference at your chosen venue, or hired studio and connect with your attendees via a responsive live event platform.  Your event can be part pre-recorded or completely live allowing you to create an outstanding event experience for your attendees as they view and participate in your event. 


Attendees can view live or if you choose, access the recorded event following. Your virtual event management company can help ensure the quality of this recording and the delivery to your participants is seamless.


How do I create a successful live streamed event? Here are our top 5 tips. 


1. Use engaging content and audience participation when possible.


Consider hosting informative webinars and discussions that align your audience’s interests with your key messaging and encourage audience participation through Q&As, live chat and breakout rooms. 


Networking can be one of the main reasons professionals attend events from within their industry and live streamed events can still allow for that to happen, being virtual can also be a great way for introverts to feel comfortable connecting over in-person events. This can be an invaluable way to reach those attendees that may be unlikely to attend an in-person conference or event.


The virtual nature of the event may encourage more engagement as people feel comfortable attending from the location of their choice, therefore including the technology for live chat and Q&As into your live streamed event can bring outstanding measurable results. 


2. Clearly define your goals


Having a clear idea of the goals for your event will allow you, and your event webcasting service provider to ensure your event strategy gives you the best opportunity to reach your goals and measure the success of your event. 


Your webcast event provider can suggest value-adding elements for your live streamed event to enhance your end results by having a clearly defined set of goals upon the initial brief. These may include animations, audio-visual effects and techniques to ensure your audience remains engaged throughout the event.


With reportable post-event analytics provided at the end of your live streamed event, this can be a great way to ensure your clearly defined goals have been achieved and to measure your attendee feedback.


3. Choosing the right platform and technology for seamless delivery.


Live streamed events require careful planning, the choosing of the right virtual event platform features, and compatibility with your attendees and your own technology. 


Ensuring your event has glitch-free delivery and seamless sound and visuals requires the correct pairing of sound systems and a professional live streaming platform.  This is essential to ensuring an enjoyable user experience for your attendees. 


Fast loading times and intuitive navigation are essential, thorough testing and planning are required prior to ‘go’ time! 


Our experienced virtual event service team can provide valuable assistance in choosing the most suitable platform to meet your specific requirements.


4. Make the most of your marketing channels.


Utilising digital event services within your events gives you the opportunity to utilise your marketing channels to their best capabilities. With the right strategy, it can be a great way to create a welcoming and informative experience for your attendees.


Promoting your webcast event via your website, social media platforms and email newsletters allows you to not only create a buzz around your event organically it can help promote your sharing with other potentially interested attendees. 


Promoting your event through digital channels also allows for remarketing to your target audience while collecting valuable data to measure the success of your event. 


Offer additional resources for download and further opportunities to connect after the event completion to add value to the experience for all attendees and encourage further connection to grow your audience.


5. Seek professional advice


We think this should be number one, but at the very least a MUST for any live streamed event. 


Yes, there are plenty of DIY platforms that may help you connect with many people at once. However, they can be hard to manage, not great quality and even completely undermine the quality of your event. 


Ensuring you seek professional advice to get your sound and visuals right, and that your keynote speakers and presenters feel comfortable is just as important as the experience on your audience’s end. 


By following these tips and leveraging the power of webcasting and live streaming, you can expand your business’s audience, strengthen connections with your target market, and achieve your growth objectives.


Melbourne’s live streaming event professionals. 

With over a decade of helping event planners and businesses connect with their audiences through outstanding audio visual production services, live streaming or live event webcasting has been one of our most valued services for years. 


Our experience in providing virtual event solutions for corporate events is extensive and has allowed us to help some of Melbourne’s biggest brands grow their audiences, worldwide. 


Connect with us now to find out how live streaming Melbourne conferences and events can be a stress-free, successful way to grow your audience.

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