So..What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual event services that let you forget the technical aspect and focus on connection.

When we look to hold an event, conference, or gala our first thoughts are an in-person or face-to-face event that involves travel plans, hotel bookings, venue hire, AV and equipment hire as well as the planning and execution that goes along with it.  Virtual events have been gaining momentum even prior to the pandemic hitting in early 2020 when lockdowns and travel restrictions meant we needed to rethink the way we connect with our audience.

The move to virtual event services is a smart one for many businesses regardless of the pandemic, we are here to tell you what a virtual event is, and why it can be a valuable tool for your business.

A fully managed online virtual event can be beneficial to your business by adding value to your event with increased engagement and a clear focus on key messaging with very measurable results.  Think about the benefits of an online virtual event compared with your traditional in-person events and you can see the advantages clearly:

  • Increased engagement with tools at hand for your attendees wherever they are;
  • The ability to grow your audience globally, with travel and related expenses in many cases now obsolete;
  • Value-adding tools such as Q&A, polls, break out rooms allow guests to engage throughout;
  • The ability to plan an event quickly is increased with turnaround time greatly reduced;

A virtual event can be quickly pivoted to a Hybrid event if required;

    • Hybrid event:  An online virtual event that includes an in-person component for those that can attend your venue as well as connections virtually to attendees remotely.

Cost-effective with many in-person event expenses no longer required. You may be able to see the end of expenses that include:

    • Catering
    • AV and equipment hire
    • Travel expenses and accommodation
    • Event management
    • Venue hire


With the ability to inspire audiences when it is more cost-effective or safe to connect virtually it is little wonder virtual events are here to stay and are growing in popularity with many businesses, small and large, seeing the potential in partnering with an experienced online virtual event management company.

Virtual events can be created very quickly, with a professional event being produced with a timeline that allows complete flexibility. A virtual event can be delivered effectively and in most cases can be planned, managed and delivered entirely remotely.

virtual event production service

Benefits of virtual event management services.

Virtual event management services are required to run a successful, seamless virtual event.  We have seen many try to go it alone, use DIY event, conference platforms, and fail miserably.

When technology is not your forte and you do not have an experienced team behind you, you can see issues with connection (the main factor for a virtual event), lack of engagement, smaller attendee numbers, and you may miss getting your key messages across successfully resulting in poor results.

A fully managed virtual event can give you the benefits you need, without the headache of worrying about the technical side of things.  By partnering with an experienced team your virtual event can be much more than just another Zoom meeting.

Think of your virtual event as an opportunity to:

  • Connect with your audience wherever they are;
  • Capture the attention of your audience through content that is created entirely for your event and is unique to your business or brand;
  • Key messaging as a highlight;
  • Branded your way, on a virtual event platform that is perfectly tailored to you;
  • Break out rooms for attendees to participate in networking, the new way;
  • Gain measurable insights into what your attendees are enjoying and engaging with;
  • Engage with your audience in new ways with Q&A sessions, polls, and chat functions in real-time;

By engaging with a virtual event service partner that gets to know your brand, your key messaging and objectives you enable your team to focus on the event itself and forget the rest. 

virtual event production service

Our virtual event management services allow you to connect in ways you never imagined.

A good virtual event allows your brand to be represented in ways that are cohesive with your brand messaging, align with your brand guidelines and focus on your key objectives for the event.

The ability to connect with your audience virtually is easily enhanced with value-adding tools that are not only cost-effective, but they can also really drive home your message, engage your audience and create an event that gets remembered for all the right reasons.  No one wants to attend another online event that is just faces on a screen and a voice-over.  By engaging a virtual event service provider you enable your business to utilise features such as:

  • A fully branded event platform, greet your guests with your own branding from registration, right through to post-event connections;
  • Animations and graphics unique to your event;
  • Breakout rooms to allow networking in a way to suit your attendees;
  • Engagement driving features to get attendees involved!
  • Fully measurable, your stakeholders will love the real-time reporting and post-event report.
virtual event fatigue

Virtual events are great for business but what are the attendees thinking? 

We all know Zoom fatigue is real, after over 18 months of working from home during the pandemic there are alot of reasons why getting another invitation to an online ‘event’ through Zoom is appealing to attendees.  They are boring, they are often fraught with glitches, engaging with others is awkward and they just don’t work when you really want to create an impression because your attendees are just not engaged. With a fully managed virtual event, there is a BIG difference from the get-go and attendees are loving them!

From your audience’s point of view, they are loving the ability to enjoy events that feel inclusive and exclusive when they can not be there face to face.  With a managed virtual event they are receiving:

Registration invitations and correspondence that is exciting – fully branded and recognisable to the event;

  • A ticketing process that is easy to navigate;

A welcoming home page when they log into the event that gives them all the information they need at their fingertips, including;

  • Sponsors information and key messaging;
  • Speaker and delegate bio’s;
  • Timetable and related links;
  • Access to breakout rooms and networking opportunities;
  • The ability to connect in real-time with others easily;
  • Opportunities to engage throughout the event, glitch-free;
  • A seamless process that allows them to enjoy engaging with your business from the comfort and safety of their own home, or workplace.
virtual event services in melbourne events market

Virtual events have lifted off to the next level.

As businesses open up to the possibility of connecting virtually, the NEXTGEN team is here to bring our experience in AV & event equipment hire and event management to the next level.  Our technical abilities and experience allow us to successfully deliver your events in-person, virtually, or as a hybrid event with all the support and professionalism, you would expect from our team.  We have partnered with some of the best to enable your event to be held on a platform that is proven to bring virtual events to the next level.

Moving to a virtual event can be done quickly, seamlessly and if necessary, entirely remotely.

Chat to our team today about your next event, let’s take it virtual.

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