The steady influx of webcasting in business communications amidst the COVID era.

Communicating well as a business during the Covid era requires flexibility. Connecting with business partners, employees, key stakeholders and a wider audience quickly and easily wherever they are located is an integral part of businesses today. And it is not a fleeting thing, and people are welcoming the change to virtual run events.

As many people remain working remotely or unable to travel, sometimes with little or no notice, webcasting and hybrid events can quickly become a necessary way to communicate. While webcasting is not new to the world, its popularity has grown immensely since the Covid-19 pandemic began affecting the world, first through necessity and then through the realisation that webcasting can be a valuable tool for business.


What is webcasting, and why is it so efficient for businesses?

Webcasting is essentially using the internet to present a single source of information to multiple viewers at one time. It can be done either on-demand (viewers can watch whenever they please) or live (usually with access to re-watch later). It is effectively broadcasting via the web. 

Virtual event management can help businesses reach a wider audience efficiently and cost-effectively when used as a marketing tool. Its adaptability ensures it is a very welcome change for businesses internally also.

Webcasting internally as a business presents advantages such as:

  • Low cost;
  • Ability to go live or
  • Watch on-demand (anytime);
  • Connect to a closed audience to retain privacy;
  • Secure webcasting channels;
  • Ability to connect with audiences worldwide;
  • When using webcasting to connect with a broader audience the benefits can be tenfold:
  • Low cost to reach a large audience;
  • The ability to use your webcast recording for further marketing;
  • The possibility of attracting a high attendance rate;

The low-cost advantages and the newly found appreciation for webcasts make it a tool that will remain popular with many businesses. As we realise the potential for connecting through webcasting services, the way they are used is continually expanding. The ease of creating a live webcast means event production teams will continue to impress audiences with the unique and creative ways they are used in the future.


How are businesses using webcasting to connect during the Covid era?

Using virtual event platforms to connect with an audience can expand the depth of communication by allowing for Q&A during the event, break out rooms for networking purposes, follow-up networking events and the opportunity to rewatch recorded events. The value-adding tools make it a win-win for business and a welcome way to connect with audiences. Many event planners are seeing increased attendee numbers for virtual events now that audiences are realising the convenience of virtual or webcast events.

The primary uses for webcasting in business include those listed below, but the options are truly endless! If you can video it, you can webcast it. Find out what our clients are using webcasting for:


What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid event services allow event planners and businesses to plan events that cater for an in-person component as well as a webcasting or virtual event component. The benefit of hybrid events is the flexibility allowing for greater reach and higher attendance for all.

In-person event attendees can enjoy their conference or event as ‘normal’ and enjoy being able to connect with those, not in the room at the time. For businesses, virtual event platforms allow for a cost-saving connection with audiences. With the reduced cost for travel and associated expenses, it can be a value-adding service to event management teams and a great way to virtually expand the audience to people worldwide.


Creating quality content for webcasting and virtual events.

Imagination is key when you are looking to connect with your audience. By using online virtual services to connect, the ability to enhance your event with excellent audio visual techniques is truly present. A few well-chosen pieces of AV equipment used while creating your webcast will lift the quality of your event every time!

Consider using the following equipment when creating your webcast event for a recorded event and look to the experts when going live.

  • Quality audio equipment;
  • Event lighting;
  • Quality speakers;
  • Microphones and
  • LED video walls;

Having AV specialists present while live webcasting can help navigate any technical issue that may arise or if you are doing it yourself, ensure your AV hire equipment comes paired with expert advice to guide you on your way.


Why choose Nextgen?

Our dedicated team of creatives are experts in event production, AV equipment hire and virtual event services. We have been dedicated to delivering successful events both in-person and virtually for years – before the Covid era increased the popularity of online events.

The Nextgen team have been trusted for event management in Melbourne and nationwide for over 15 years, with that expertise and portfolio, you can rest assured you are partnering with an experienced team – not a virtual event company that jumped on the bandwagon amid a trend!

Connect with us to discuss your individual needs and request an all-inclusive quote.

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