How stage hire creates unique event experiences

Looking to transform your event? Start with the stage hire first.

Most people think of a stage as just raised piece of wood where someone stands, but it’s so much more than that. They probably associate it with boring speech or an uninspired business luncheon. They don’t think of it as a dynamic or creative opportunity. But the stage design principles Nextgen Audio Visual employs can transform an event into an extraordinary experience without the huge price tag.

The stage is the focal point of any event 

A stage hire commands attention because of its elevated presence in the seating or standing area. Whether it’s in the center of the room, on the side, or against the back wall, the stage’s presence is communicating to people even before anyone stands on it.

Positioning is important because it dictates first impressions of an event or conference and is the very foundation of creative set design.

Enhance visual impact with a layered stage

Along with placement, height and depth give added layers that build upon a stage’s initial visual impact. Think of a panel discussion at an industry conference where the sightlines to the stage were off. Were they too high, so you had to crank your neck? Were they sitting on stage, so the sight lines meant you mostly stared at the back of someone’s head?

Is your stage oriented the right way for a successful event?

Dependant on the volume of attendees, a well-oriented stage should sit at 600mm for a seated presenter and seated audience, and 400mm for a standing presenter but a seated audience.

Additionally, for a standing presenter and a standing audience, a 300mm elevation is all lift you need. Stage height forms the basis for where cameras are positioned, LED light placement, and how eye-catching multimedia is integrated into a well-orchestrated experience for speakers and stakeholders alike.

The Stage = extension of your brand and message

When you hire the stage the right way, the stage becomes an extension of your brand and message. By taking into account a multi-layered approach to stage configuration, including step design, product placement and the use of curved edges: A simple product launch then becomes an integrated brand experience for those lucky enough to be invited, lending an air of exclusivity to the event.

Extend the sensory world of your brand through event staging. Stay in the hearts and minds of your attendees by creating a sensory experience that will make them think of your brand long after the event is over.

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