Company Product Launch

BMW Melbourne 5 Series Launch

Stokehouse Restaurant, St Kilda, Victoria

About Project

Period: November 2016
Client: BMW Melbourne
Subject: Product Launch

BMW Melbourne launched the new 5 series at the newly finished Stokehouse in St Kilda. As the previous model had been a market leading success for 8 years, this completely new model with many tech advances including a hybrid variant was highly anticipated with more features at the same entry price.

Our Task Was

The brief was to design and deliver a product launch that would match the high profile of Robert Simeoni’s unique architectural creation of the new Stokehouse which has been described as ‘design on a world scale’. The NEXTGEN team created a cutting edge design that matched the surroundings.


As we have a creative working relationship with BMW Melbourne, it allowed us to explore options in a collaborative manner. We decided on a design with an industrial edge with a curved vehicle stage. Logistically, we knew the location was a building site, with some challenges, the budget was tabled, the weather would behave and the Stokehouse design was stunningly edgy.


  • A rectangular LED screen was flanked by a large ‘5’ contained within a round truss frame.
  • Throughout the evening, guests were entertained at varying locations within the complex, in anticipation of the car reveal
  • The Stokehouse team engaged the guests with a discussion of their methodologies and new menu whilst offering examples of  sumptuous food and delectable drinks.
  • The all new BMW 5 series was onstage hidden under a shroud. On cue, the dealer principal of BMW Melbourne Geoff Briscoe revealed the car to the 250 invited guests.
  • In addition to liaising with the venue, caterers, suppliers to ensure the installation was smooth, we had an active building site to contend with as we calmly expressed a need for clear space to build the presentation stage and requested new power sources to be installed.
  •  The screen content was created ensuring it was on brand, the PMS colours of the stage decals were triple checked and
  • With best laid plans, it was decided very late in the process  to crane in several cars onto the property on the beach side. Just to keep us on our toes!


‘Amazing’ was the comment from Laura Meagher, Marketing Manager, BMW Melbourne. In this launch, the venue was a feature as well as, but not to the extent of the car and the co-marketing approach was successful for both parties.

  • Select group of BMW owners and prospective buyers were excited by the launch, able to inspect the vehicle.
  • The Stokehouse showcased their offering to an influential mature, and upmarket demographic
  • The launch stage was positioned outside on the Jacka Boulevard perimeter, generating massive interest from passing traffic on a busy Friday night in November.
  • The leader of the NEXTGEN team, Guy McGregor delivered another successful event for BMW Melbourne.


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