How to choose the right PA hire system for your event.

PA Hire Systems

Dealing with an audio visual company with PA hire can be a stressful experience at the best of times. The AV consultant can start to ramble technical jargon that flat out confuses you to a point of frustration. You end up with a quote of equipment listed that you just don’t understand. While  many companies are providing PA hire, get the wrong company and your audience can be greatly disappointed and the presenter embarrassed.

Luckily Nextgen has put some relevant information on how to survive event pa hire selection.


Wireless Microphones – How to select the right one.

The right wireless microphone selection pays an important role in the PA quality. You may require a wireless lapel microphone for a presentation at a conference, seminar or webinar or a wireless handheld or headset microphone for a speech or a pass around Q&A session. It even may be microphones mounted on a lectern. Each wireless microphone has a specific task to play in delivering great audio. A professional AV hire company can assist in making the right selection. One thing’s for sure if it isn’t a professional microphone brand like Sure or Sennheiser the microphone will be of poor quality and audio result will be disappointing..


Speakers – How much speaker hire do I need for my event?

Choosing the right amount of speaker hire is dependant on the size of the audience and the amount of coverage you require in your event space. Small presentations of up to fifty people need only one or two speakers, where as a conference or an outdoor event may require multiple speakers to ensure you get coverage. You may have heard the term Line Array? The Line Array consist of multiple speakers mounted in a vertical row working together to ensure coverage and distance. Speak to your PA hire company, the more information you can provide about the size of the audience and the shape of the event space the better the PA system can be offered.


Mixing Desks – Do I even need this?

A basic PA system might not require the use of a mixing desk, simply plug your microphone into a speaker with a built in amplifier and your ready to go. However as you add additional microphones, background audio, video audio, and band microphones you will need a mixing desk to ensure the levels are correct. It’s important to note going without an audio engineer is extremely risky. You may encounter an audio issue during your event and not knowing how to operate the mixing desk make matters much worse.


Portable PA Systems – Is this type of system an option?

Portable PA systems are perfect for spruikers, outdoor weddings and announcements to small crowds. The units can be charged up with an inbuilt rechargeable battery and usually have additional features like a wireless microphone and CD player.


Technical Labour – Can I setup the equipment to save on costs?

While you always have the option of setting up the equipment yourself. You may not know the best way to utilise the equipment, tune the microphones, run the cables in the right direction. It’s always better to have an experienced audio technician on hand throughout the event.


Background Music – Can I connect background music or my computer to the PA system?

Generally speaking, yes! Most laptops, phones, media players will have a 3.5mm headphone jack out. A good PA hire company will always have these cables on hand to get your background music up and running.


Feedback – Why do PA systems squeal at the most opportune moments?

An event PA system once setup requires frequency tuning each and every time. An experienced audio engineer will reduce all the frequency’s that may cause the PA system to squeal or “feedback”. Even when the audio is setup perfectly the presenter may walk directly in front of a speaker causing the microphone to loop and squeal. Having a professional engineer onsite can keep an eye on the performance or speech making adjustments every step of the way.


NEXTGEN are experts in professional audio engineering, our PA hire systems are tailored to suit your specific requirement. Our experienced team can guide you through the tech talk and our technicians can ensure you have a successful pa experience.

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