Not All Hero’s Have Superpowers

We are not the real heroes, the kids are, but for just one day on June 18, Managing Director, Guy McGregor and Technical Director, Jared Pither are dressing up as their favorite hero for the day to raise awareness and much-needed funds to stand up against congenital heart disease (CHD). 

The story.

A cause close to our hearts here at Nextgen with Guy’s own daughter Giorgia (Gigi) being born with a ventricular septal defect (VSD), a birth defect of the heart in which there is a hole in the wall (septum) that separates the two lower chambers (ventricles) of the heart.  Without the amazing work of the Royal Children’s Hospital here in Melbourne Gigi wouldn’t have been with us as the healthy little girl she is today.  Thankfully for Guy’s Gigi, she needed only one operation to save her life, but for many other parents, their story is not so straight forward with many having no option to save their children. 


The challenge.

Our challenge is just to dress up for the day as we go about our day and have a little fun but for those affected by this terrible disease because many touched by the disease will not get the chance to do just that.  We hope to not only be heroes around the office on June 18, we hope to visit local businesses with their AV requirements and raise even more support. (So who is booking an appointment with us that day?) #getinvolved


Our pledge.

For the month of June we are donating 5% of all AV sales to HeartKids and we vow to share our day as heroes on our social pages so you can get involved on the day.  

Hero for HeartKids.

By dressing up for just one day and remembering why we are doing so, we will be raising money for this cause so close to the Nextgen family as we raise awareness for CHD and help with HeartKids goal to grow the support services for families affected by this terrible disease.  HeartKids is a critical service for these families, being the only national charity to support the cause. 

Money raised from Hero for HeartKids will go towards supporting services and programs for families nationwide. 


How do I help?

Find out more about HeartKids on their website now and donate through our dedicated page.  We are aiming towards $5000 to support the kids so get behind us and support a cause that means a lot to the Nextgen team! 

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