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Rigging Hire

We understand that the presenter’s message must be delivered with impact. We are your choice supplier of audio hire solutions for countless events, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, product launch events, festivals and venues.

If you have ever watched a time-lapse film of the rigging and dismantling of a set for an event, you’ll often be amazed by the sheer amount of hard work and effort it takes to achieve the best of effects. With so many other areas to think about, when responsible for a conference, exhibition, festival, product launch, dinner, awards presentation or the like, you’ll want to be sure that the rigging and staging is in the best of hands.

Our extensive range chain motors, rotators and chain blocks provide the most efficient delivery of overhead rigging installations for exhibition organisers, major contractors, exhibitors and custom stand builders. We provide technical assistance in the lead up to the event, followed by the safest and most effective delivery practices on-site.

Safe and Certified Rigging Solutions for Every Event Type

By selecting to rig your lighting, audio and screen components overhead in an event space enables you to have greater flexibility and aesthetic improvements in your event design, as it removes the placement of lighting, audio, vision hardware above the audience’s heads, out of sight.

Function space rigging equipment using free standing truss structures or roof mounted elements ensures clear sight-lines to the stage and onscreen content improving the look of an event. By removing as much rigging hardware clutter as we can, we create a freer environment that can then be used as a foundation to build an attractive looking show based on your event objectives. Unsightly equipment and cables are removed creating:

  • A safer environment that also looks less cluttered

  • More function space allowing better guest experience

  • Increased space for spacious event themeing and solid branding

We Have The Best Event Rigging Solutions

Speak to our friendly team about the clever use of the latest event technology services for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, product launches and retail spaces. Our approach is consultative and refreshingly honest, which allows us to combine LED wall displays with PA speaker hire, event lighting with staging hire and backdrop drapes to ensure your next corporate event is a breeze. Call us today on 1300 792 922 to chat about your event.

We Are The Go-to Company

With an amazing 1,200 key components always available, we are never spoilt for choice when meeting your specific event requirements. To tell us what you need, it only takes a call to 1300 792 922, or an email, by clicking connect@nextgenav.com.au so we can discuss the stage rigging requirements for whichever style and size of event you are planning.

Safe Rigging is the Only Way.

Safety is paramount when rigging elements above an audience.

Rigging done correctly reduces the high-risk environment to manageable risk levels so you can be relaxed at your event. Our qualified and experienced riggers hold the relevant licences, understand and comply with Work Health & Safety regulations in each state based legislations.

Some rigging options we offer are:

  • Spectacular circular truss

  • Regular box truss

  • Erection of truss arches

  • Using chain motors, blocks, slings, controllers

  • Advanced Kinesys motors for specific critical applications

  • Variety of adaptors and clamps: girder, scaffold, 90 degree…

The Best Rigging Advice

For more information, connect and call our audio visual technical specialists today on 1300 792 922.

Safe Rigging

Our hugely experienced team are the acknowledged experts in the delivery of professional stage lighting and sound system rigging, plus all the different aspects of staging an event. For our massive 36 metre wide curved ultra screen, we designed, transported to Perth, built it and then blended the projectors.

Successful events are the result of engaging exceptional people, giving them the right tools to deliver on outcomes in challenging circumstances. We have individuals with passion, experience and technical ability in our professional event team.

Our people are our competitive advantage with:

A cooperative positive culture with open dialogue for mentoring, knowledge exchange and success

Experienced client relations, technical directors and technical support

Proven production values embedded in our sales, operational and management processes.

Our commitment to showcraft with technical excellence

Successful Events

Each year, we work at more than one hundred of Melbourne’s most important, international, national, and key local community events. Our work for these can often include: curtain and drapes rigging and installation, creation of corporate risers and catwalks, delivering stylish design coverings, safety steps, handrails and the like – and so much more. We can add banners where wanted, and many other custom touches. Call us on 1300 792 922 for concise and safe rigging.

Explore Recent Work

We know your organisation desires more than a crisp audio visual experience at your upcoming event. Beyond equipment hire, we commit to a seamless aesthetic experience leaving guests with a stronger connection to your brand long after the event is over. We hope you enjoy some of our recent projects below.


Just Some Of The Brands We Work With

We are trusted by Australia’s leading brands, offering creative ideas, efficient design, latest audio visual technology and safe engineering to create an unmatched experience for your event, exhibition, conference, brand activation or venue space.

The assistance we’ll provide for you

For each of these events, and others, our friendly and helpful team will happily offer advice for free and detail some terrific equipment choices. These range from complete event sound systems, either indoors or out, to the hire of some portable speakers or LED screens. We might be asked to create an amazing video wall or provide festoon lighting for an outdoors and marquee-held event. Sometimes, we construct complete stage sets, at others we set up lighting rigs and provide wireless microphones. Other possibilities include: digital recording capabilities, media servers and sound mixers, LED pixel, stage wash and spot lighting, and so much more.

Of all the AV companies in Melbourne – here’s the one number you truly need

Nextgen AV – remember you'll reach us on 1300 792 922 or you can send an email here hire@nextgenav.com.au. Talk us through your event and then set us to work on your behalf – this means you are free to focus on all the other parts of your upcoming event, knowing that your AV needs are in such experienced hands.