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Mackie FRS 2800 Power Amplifier

2800 Watt 2-channel Lightweight Power Amplifier for our Mackie C200 Passive Speakers

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The Mackie FRS 2800 is a power amplifier that gives you amazing power, price and portability”for the real world. The FRS 2800 power amp features Mackie’s legendary Fast Recovery circuitry for clean, undistorted sound with the ultimate in punch and clarity ” even at clipping ”. ‘Cause Mackie knows power amps often get pushed to the limit. Delivering more watts per dollar than other power amps in their price range ” 2800W at 4 ohms bridged ” the FRS 2800 will satisfy even the most demanding systems, without making a huge dent in your bank account.

With their resonant switching power supplies, FRS power amps are super-efficient and ultra-lightweight, making them perfect for portable PA rigs, too ” and Grannies on Tour. “Built-like-a-tank” construction and sophisticated protection circuitry ensure they will withstand the rigors of the road, and perform flawlessly during gigs, no matter what you throw at them. Combine the FRS Series amplifiers with the Mackie Precision Passive loudspeakers, and you’ve got optimum performance from a powerhouse system. Try ’em for yourself and you’ll see, FRS Series power amps are simply louder, lighter and better than anything else in their class.

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